Saturday, May 16, 2009

Renaissance Faire 2009

It's been another fantastic day out at the Renaissance Faire. We were quite a few in the group moving around a really big area, so we had a lot of getting lost, reunited, lost again... the usual dynamics of a day like this. The types and characters participating were as interesting as last year, another good opportunity to pull out our sharpies, pencils, brushes and do stuff. So here are five pieces, the first group of guys in red was a lot larger but I only had the chance to draw three of them before another group of participants and visitors stood in the way, then, some jousting business offered another chance to have a go at drawing horses from different angles and, last but not least, one member of the dedicated audience that was to all the shows going on.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Rafel Vaquer / Johnny Roqueta

This is an illustration I did about two years ago for an exhibition showing works based on my friend's, Rafel Vaquer, popular comic book character "Johnny Roqueta". Well, since these shows are being held back in Europe unfortunately I have not been able to attend any of them, but for the news I get I can assure these guys are having serious fun getting together back home!
© 'Johnny Roqueta' character, Rafel Vaquer.
© Illustration: Marcos Mateu.