Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New "Trail Of Steel" panels, and delivery update

Delivering a book certainly has a lot to do with landing a plane. All hands are now on the controls looking down on the approaching runway, and working the right switches to make sure all goes soft and smooth. Here is the update we just got from the control tower, as I can already "count the windows in every house, and see the cars on the freeway from my plane window". The presentation of both the reprint of 'Framed Ink' and "Trail Of Steel:1441 A.D." will be done at the San Diego ComiCon (that's this coming July 12-15), and between there and the end of the month of July all books will be already available through Amazon and stores. Thank you everyone for following up on this ride, we are certainly approaching for landing and we have the best crew at Design Studio Press making sure all is safe and well! In the meantime I wanted to post new images from "Trail Of Steel" so here comes a double page spread with most of the main characters staring at a gate that, once open, there will be no going back... and a panel (and a half) that belong to a night pre-action scene in a fortress in the middle of nowhere, as something seems to be lurking outside the walls. More art details from the book to come in the next weeks!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

'Condottiero Martin' Designs

Here are a few, out of many more, design ideas I eventually developed for Condottiero Martin's character ("Trail Of Steel"), out of which the final one came out. It's been crazy hectic lately (hence the lack of post updates) but very exciting as we are getting closer to the release date, on which I'll be able to be more specific soon. I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying a beautiful spring time!