Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thoughts and sketches.

And to add up a little more light to this last 'drawing-less' posts, a couple of life drawing sketches.

Not too long ago, before the 'Orphan' news broke, I was talking to someone comparing the times in which I grew up (60's 70's), when one only had access to artwork produced by the 'official big guys' (from which sure enough we learnt so much), to these times we are living now in which with full access to internet and therefore pretty much any creative blog on earth, the scope of art, artists, talent, styles, points of view, options, opinions and ideas we could learn from and be inspired by, just enhanced everything we ever experienced at this level to a point never imagined before.
The speed at which things happened, the interchange of sources of inspiration -and- ideas, the creation of a global community of artists that were -constantly and in real time- sharing the best they had to offer in terms of art and opinion, seems it might as well be in the way out. If things go in a certain way, no 'real time' art, no fresh and spontaneous feedback there. This window to the world which I particularly appreciate very much seems to be going through very difficult times right now.
Anyhow a friend was telling me recently that the more obstacles we find in our way the more we, as the creative people we are, are going to find ways to even improve what we had before. I'm with him.

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