Saturday, June 30, 2007

Really really old stuff

My friend Magdalena (she did my website) recently sent me copies of old stuff I kept in my computer in Spain. So it's memory lane type thing today as I'm reviewing some of it.
Good oportunity to update this (lately) rather slow blog.
One of them is a fashion illustration I did shortly after I arrived in Spain in summer 1999. The other a much older piece, a self portrait I did when I was fifteen, rather saturated and impatient as you can see. The original signature bottom left is a total mess, I remember I didn't want to wait for the painting to dry.
That's the spirit!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Custom sketchclub

Sometimes the Friday routine doesn't work, so we decide to get together some other time, as Craig and I did last Saturday.
I guess I could have called this one "shots from the 'Santa Monica Mall'" or something like that.
Anyway, here are three of the sketches I did during that session.
You should check up Craig's (I don't know if he has updated his blog yet, but he did some reeeally cool ones as usual!)