Monday, February 17, 2014

Bob Godfrey

I just received an email from the Union. It reads "an afternoon of remembrance", and then it details a list of the animation people that died last year. I went through the list and I just said a big 'Oh no!' when I read the name Bob Godfrey. My mind went back to London in 1991, almost like in that famous scene at the end of the film 'Ratatouille". In April 1991 I decided to go to London looking for work. In a matter of weeks I had seen almost two hundred companies and still not getting anywhere. The 'creative directory' that I used as my guide provided me with yet another name and address, Bob Godfrey in King's Cross. So I headed there. He wasn't expecting me as I hadn't called before, I just tried my luck. He attended me -very- well (not everyone you meet in this type of adventure does) and asked me to come in. He really took his time to go through my portfolio. He was very complimentary and told me "I don't have work for you right now, but Spielberg is making an animated film these days in London". He gave me the studio's phone number and told me "go there, I'm sure they will give you work". And I called, and they did. Without his advice my life might have been very different, I might not be where I am today, my wife wouldn't be my wife, and my daughter wouldn't be my daughter. I don't even want to think about it. Thanks Bob, and rest in peace. (picture from 'The Guardian' online)