Monday, September 27, 2010

Getting there

The two pages before last. The nightmare seems to be close to over...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

LAAFA sessions - UPDATE

Just finished a five sessions course at LAAFA on composition for visual storytellers yesterday based on the book. It was a really cool group of students, some of them already professionals, which were a pleasure to interact with!
I'll be starting another set of (8) sessions on October 9th on the same subject. Hope to see you there!

UPDATE- The classes will start on Saturday, October 23rd. Thanks!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Comics n' movies

More Hollywood trouble, conquistadores and vikings for today.
First, two more pages of the comic story ...two less to go! and getting closer to the end of it.
The two shots of the horsemen in the jungle come from what used to be called 'workbook' in the good ol' days of 2D animation. They are Tulio and Miguel riding Altivo in their search for the mythical City of El Dorado (Dreamworks).
Finally, an interior layout shot I did for 'Asterix and the Vikings' (A-Film). This one belongs to the Chief's kitchen, all drawn in separate layers to make things easier for the animation process.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Death Valley

Quite a place. I had been there several times already in the late nineties (first with my wife this last weekend). On Sunday we were told at some point at the Furnace Creek store, it was 124 ºF (51.1ºC) in the shadow... Who needs the sun anyway!
I remember another time that I was at the same store, I believe it was in 1998, it was even hotter, around 3 pm we came out of the place and got a taste of how a sudden raise of approximately 50ºF (30º C) in temperature tastes like, as we were coming out of it.
Anyway, honestly, ...incredibly beautiful place. The sense of space, silence, and subtlety of color and shape everywhere around you is hard to believe and surpass. We were saying that 'I hope some day they bottle Death valley silence, because I'm going to buy it'.

-(1) Sand Dunes (Stovepipe Wells)
-(2) Zabriskie Point
-(3,4) Bad Water (notice the tiny figure in the horizontal shot)