Friday, May 28, 2010

More 'framed ink', ...and a ghost house!

So, three pieces before the weekend:
.The two in black and white are still from 'framed ink'.
.The color piece is an illustration I did years ago for a project my friend Aksel Studsgarth put together in his Copenhagen based company, Ghost VFX. The designs were about an abandoned house, exterior and interior. This one is from the kitchen, with all its 30's appliances and details. Fun film to work for!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

FRAMED INK (book coming out, soon!)

'Design Studio Press' is going to present my book this coming San Diego ComiCon (end of July), and in bookstores and online at the beginning of September this year (available for pre-order in Amazon now). It's called "FRAMED INK, drawing and composition for visual storytellers", quite a self explanatory title :)

128 pages, 230 black and white illustrations (some posted here today and a few more to follow) as well as many diagrams, with text explaining all the thinking process behind the art, exploring the areas of visual storytelling for both film and graphic novel (with all its similarities -and- differences) using light and many other devices to deliver the effect a shot or sequence require, plus thumbnails on the lighting and dynamics used in each example.

Thanks again to everyone that has generously supported the making of this book, and I hope everyone that gets a copy will have as good a time going through its pages as I did working on it!


Mi libro 'FRAMED INK, drawing and composition for visual storytellers' (titulo que define bien el contenido :) todo en ingles de momento) se va a presentar a finales de Julio en el ComiCon de San Diego (por 'Design Studio Press'), ha sido un año de mucho trabajo pero al final la criatura echara a andar dentro de poco en librerias, y online a traves de Amazon, en donde ya esta disponible para reservarlo.

128 paginas que contienen 230 ilustraciones en blanco y negro y 166 diagramas, con texto explicando en detalle el proceso de creacion de cada uno de estos ejemplos que analizan como componer imagenes con el proposito de narrar historias.
Se exploran los campos de la narrativa visual para cine y novela grafica (con todas sus similitudes -y- diferencias) usando iluminacion y muchas otras herramientas para transmitir los efectos tanto visuales como psicologicos que la escena o la secuencia requieren, asi como esquemas que sintetizan dicho uso de la iluminacion y lineas de dinamismo en cada uno de estos ejemplos.
El capitulo de novela grafica complementa todo ello hablando de las particularidades propias del campo.

Desde aqui gracias de nuevo a toda la gente que ha mostrado su interes y apoyo a este libro, y espero que los que lo lean se lo pasen tan bien como yo me lo he pasado trabajando en el!

Un saludo.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Now we are getting serious

Don't we all know how it feels when a secret agent sends us out on a dangerous, undercover, mission? Well, ...we are there with you one hundred percent young lady!! (Go get 'em tiger)

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Renaissance 2010

That time of the year again!. Good old Irvine here we come.
The Renaissance Faire once more in all its cool craziness, heat, fun, noise and dust. As my fiancee Alfie was saying, by the time we were leaving we were 'one with the ground, the only difference was that we were not being stepped on'.
Couldn't be more right!

Monday, May 03, 2010

And the chat goes on... + Vikings in the storm

Somehow Miss Trouble got herself into an SUV with two secret service agents, and being demanded to do a lot of explaining.
The storyboard was an idea for the opening of 'Axterix and the Vikings'. The longship caught in the middle of a terrible storm, appearing and disappearing behind the huge waves, all of it spiced up with a lot of blinding lightning.