Thursday, September 28, 2006


I actually have an idea now of the direction this thing might take...but then again, isn't it great to have the option to change your mind sometime?


Oscar Grillo said...

Cada vez dibujas mejor!!

Hans said...

Hey Marcos,

Again, very inspiring! Nice shapes and shadows that all leads your eyes exactly where you want them. I really like the mix of markers and digital.....I'm guessing that's the mediums you use?

Thanks for adding me to your links btw, it's an honor;)

Have a great weekend,


Marcos Mateu said...

Oscar, muchas gracias por tu comentario!!!

Hans, thanks and...yep, you got it right, black marker and digital.
On an anecdotic line and since I draw the stuff on a sketchpad with no spiral (hard to open completely) I have to take a digital picture of the thing instead of regular scanning. I guess many people do that anyway, it's fast and pretty reliable!

A good weekend to everyone.

Unknown said...

Hola Marcos,
¡Cómo envidio tu destreza! Aún recuerdo una charla que diste en la Fundación Sa Nostra. Enseñaste unos dibujos que hicieron que saliera de allí pensando que era un inútil. Afortunadamente tengo una gran capacidad de autoengaño y seguí dándole al lápiz. Por cierto ¿qué te parece lo de Ilustrata Magazine? ¿Crees que podrías escribir algo en la revista?
Hasta otra maestro!