Thursday, October 26, 2006


- "Vaya idea de mierda"

- "Recibido !"
- "Biennn"

- "Voy a entrar! (y espero que tengan un cuarto de baño...)

- "De verdad lo espero"


A. Riabovitchev said...

This is great comics!:O)

Shuku said...

...I hope they have a bathroom.

That qualifies for the understatement of the -year-. I'm still laughing. Thank you Marcos, it's -wonderful-. Biting and sarky and just overall -fun-. Just what I need to make my horrid day better.

Addiction! Addiction!

Shuku said...

Thanks for stopping by, Marcos! And...yeah it was a lousy, terrible, no good very bad day indeed. I had to destress though, -somehow-.

Yup. The blog is a GODSEND. You've inspired me to go start sketching again. I cannot tell you just how good it's been to look at your work and feel myself wanting to be creative after such a long, LONG artistic hiatus. :)

Waiting, with bated breath, for the next addictive installment...(you really know how to keep people on their toes waiting and that's great!)


Unknown said...

cool design!

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks a lot Andrei, Shuku and Alina !

Tirso Cons said...


Muy chula la escena. Me encanta el plano crrado sore la mano con el botecito.

un saludo


Jeremy Spears said...


COOL BLOG!!! It was truly an honor to meet you the other day! Thanks again! I was amazed at how fast you filled up that pad of paper during lunch! These panels are fantastic! I'll stop by often!


Anonymous said...

Great comic you've got going here, I'm hooked on the style.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Tirso !

-Jeremy, pleasure to meet you and to see your sketches at both Daphne's and your own blog. I'll keep visiting often!

-Thanks Dan !