Saturday, January 06, 2007


-(Radio): "Puede oirme?"

-"Hola de nuevo...joven señora..."

-(Radio): "Repito!. Puede oirme?!"



Anonymous said...

oh my..this is creepy ;)
you're doing really good with this comic, marcos, keep it up!
by the way, i'm glad you liked Marla, thank you for your comments!

ps - next time you should come to rome with us ;)

take care,

Shuku said...

EEEEEEEK! It's Mr. Scary Guy from Upstairs! He looks worse close-up than I teeth like he could be a vampire.

I've been trying to piece together the geography of the place and the streets and I wonder -- is Mr. Scary Guy's apartment the -upstairs- El Diablo went into? If not then there's got to be...oh, either some connecting link or else enough hours have passed for him to amble in and sit in the dark while El Diablo looked evil and scary.

But I'll find out eventually right? :)

LOVELY LOVELY LOVELY. Can't wait for more!


Shelly Wan said...

damn. i was frozen in horror. :-O

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Ale.
And "Marla" was very interesting indeed.

-Shuku, I just posted a map so the geography becomes more clear. This is how I always saw it in my far as time to go from the apartment to the Psychic building...yes, he would have this kind of time I'd say.

-Shelly, I was trying to create some tension and atmosphere there, I hope it works!

Anonymous said...

Great stuff!

Antonio Santamaria said...

Precioso el juego de iluminación, enseñando lo que quieres enseñar y dejando ver cuando la historia te lo pide. Esta historia está adquiriendo un nivel asombroso. Por cierto, la chica de la felicitación de Navidad... buf! preciosa! Un abrazo!

Anonymous said...

Qué guapo tio!!


Paco K.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Dominic.

-Muchas gracias Antonio y un abrazo para ti tambien!

-Muy amable Paco!

Sho said...

Heeey ! he pasado por tu pagina web, ...desafortunademente no puedo wer las imagenes en tu galleria , pero lo que es la portada es genial eh!
suuper bonito ! como todo lo de tu blog !

Unknown said...

wooo .... love the mysterious mood!