Tuesday, February 13, 2007


-Well, as it happened a couple of months ago I'll need some time now to work on the next few pages so, again, in the meantime I'll try to post some other things to keep this running.
Here comes thirty four.

-Como paso hace un par de meses, voy a interrumpir temporalmente el comic mientras me pongo al dia con las paginas siguientes. Mientras, ire colgando otras cosas.

-"De modo que -esa- era la ultima ventana"
-"Dime que no aterrizo sobre la patrulla"
-Pues mira, no lo hizo.
-De hecho aterrizo sobre un sin techo que intentaba dormir cerca de unos contenedores.
-"No me digas, el sin techo esta bien?"
-Me parece que si...NO! Espera!... aaah si si, el tipo esta bien.
-"A veces puedes ser tan gracioso..."


kcirbuk said...

Como siempre..IMPRESIONANTE!!

Saludos amigo!!

Paco K.

Shelly Wan said...

God i am glad to have u around in the blogsphere! Hilarity assured!

Shuku said...

*wheezes from laughing so hard*

It is probably a good thing she didn't land on the patrolman. The last thing Miss Trouble needs is a lawsuit...

'You can be so very funny.' I love it. Love it love it LOVE IT and the poor Man In Black has just such a beautifully 'oh my god what have I gotten myself into I do not get PAID nearly enough for this job' pose. And the paneling is superb. Economy of space!

And what I love best? Man In Black's watch and the little thin string/ID tag/bracelet. And the radio in his ear! It's still there from what I can see! Detail! I am in awe!


Marcos Mateu said...

Gracias, thanks a bunch, I'm glad I'm managing to transmit the fun that I'm having doing all this, and I really appreciate you guys are coming along as I really love to have your feedback!

Mauricio said...


Cada vez que visito me gusta más.

Pres said...

Hola Marcus!

Beautiful drawings!!!Thanks for your well wishes. Stop by and see us in Salamanca next time you are in Spain.



craig said...

Funny! Really enjoy coming by for the updates

william wray said...

Great style, current yet familiar, yet all your own , Well done.

Antonio Santamaria said...

Muy chulas Marcos!!! Esto ya va para album de 45 a 60 páginas, ¿eh? Me encanta la página 33, la viñeta tercera, de los polis, buf!!! muy muy bueno tío! Un saludo!

Jason Kotey said...

Hey nice work, Marcos. Great colour styling, man

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Mauricio, la intencion es que la cosa se ponga cada vez mas complicada hasta que la cosa ha dado su maximo.

-"Pickle", I will.
Do me a favor and get that 'lechona asada' on hot coals as soon as you can for me!

-Thanks Graig!

-Thanks William. Trying to adapt style to storytelling needs!

-Muchas gracias Antonio. La piel de toro bien?
Un saludo!

-Thanks Jason.

Unknown said...



hilarious!!! ;D great storytelling panel Marcos! Saludos!!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Awesome stuff, Marcos! Great art, great visual storytelling, can't wait to see more :)

Alessandro Toccaceli said...

Wonderful art!

Thank you for posting on my blog!


Oscar Herrero said...

Estoy apabullado por lo que he visto en tu blog. Maravilloso, de verdad. Gracias por tus amables comentarios.

Carlos Ruano said...

Creo que ya te lo había dicho, pero me gusta mucho el toque de humor que le has añadido a la trama, le da un matiz muy atractivo al conjunto. A nivel gráfico, que te voy a decir a ti, que me encanta.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Alina, Roland, Andy, Alessandro, Oscar y Carlos, thanks for your visit and comments, gracias y un saludo!

Anonymous said...

Your body of work is very inspirador.
Thank you for stoping by my blog.

Armand Serrano said...

Hmmm...that pose looks familiar...beautiful work, Marcos.