Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Palma & Cap Blanc

Two pictures from last summer in Mallorca.
-The first one is the courtyard of a senior house in the old town.
Lots of italian looking buildings there, aparently they brought over many architects from our neighbor country during the 1700's.
-The second one is the lighthouse by the cliffs of Cap Blanc, south of the Island (Cabrera far away in the distance).
By the way, if you find the seagull in this one you'll gain my respect and admiration.
-Patio de una casa señorial en Palma de Mallorca
-Faro cerca de los acantilados de Cap Blanc, al sur de la Isla (Cabrera al fondo).
Si veis la gaviota os ganais mi respeto y admiracion. Ahi queda eso.


Shuku said...

Oh these are such LOVELY pictures, Marcos! I want to draw them now. And...there are TWO seagulls, up in the top two corners of the picture! I wonder if they were coming to pay the camera a visit...


jakolobo said...

Pues no solo hay una sino que hay dos, una arriba a la derecha y otra ténue arriba a la izquierda jeje. Era fácil.Muy bonita Mallorca por cierto.Saludos.

Marcos Mateu said...

D-0h Now you both saw two seagulls and made me feel great about my observation capacities. Nice! Thank you both soooooooooo much.
(kidding, I'll look for the second one in a second)

-Pues Shuku tambien vio las dos gaviotas, ahora me siento en el cielo de los que solo ven una.
Anyway, habra que buscar la segunda ya! (ni lo he mirado aun).

Marcelo Vignali said...

I hope to someday see this in person!

NO! Not the seagulls -- Mallorca, I want to see Mallorca.

Douglas Ferreira said...

Hi Marcos!I just found your blog,some Very nice pictures and drawings!I am a fan of your work,and I had the chance to do character animation over your lay-outs on Asterix and the Vikings! Very inspired background design on that movie,I hope we can work on the same movie together again in the future!Cheers!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Marcelo, seagulls that by now must be like 27. iIwouldn't be surprised if people kept finding out a new one every hour after this beginning.

-Douglas, good having your visit and comment!

Shuku said...

Marcos, the 27 seagulls heard you and flew away! I couldn't find any but the two stubborn ones!


Douglas Ferreira said...

Yes Marcos,I worked for lightstar studios and we freelanced from Brasil!I know Rune and his wife,they happen to be good friends of mine.I also had a participation on the animation of the Froot Loops commercials they produce for the US market!Your visit and any comments you wanna give to my blog are more than welcome,cheers!

C.Deboda said...

YES! I get Marcos' respect and admiration! (Since i saw the seagulls right away too) :)

Marcos Mateu said...

Lucky I didn't promise millions or anything in a daring kind of line.
Next time I'll either choose the picture more carefully or simply wear clean glasses when making the selection!

Anonymous said...

Marcoooooossss !!!! maestro! aquí un exalumne teu!...orgullos d haver ho estat! :D

me segueixes deixant flipat amb ses teves feines igual que quan era petit! comments

Durant aquets anys he pasat algun pic per s estudi i no me contestava ningu :S, encara estas alla ?

Esper que te vagi tot realment bé!


PD:estic montant una pagina web amb els meus treballets pegali un vistaso ! :D

Unknown said...

beautiful pictures!!

Carlos Ruano said... puede oler el mar y oir los barcos de pesca que vuelven a puerto despues de una jornada laboral. Es probable que este verano no ande lejos de por ahí.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Carlos Asencio! com anam? ja estic content de tenir noticies teves. Fa casi dos anys que vaig tornar a Estats Units i encara estic per aqui.
He passat per sa teva web amb poc temps,pero hi tornare aviat (m'agraden aquells dos gouaxos).
Salutacions i ja mos direm coses.

-Thanks Alina!

-Carlos, te vas a Mallorca? Menorca? Ibiza? Italia?
En fin, seguro que vayas donde vayas del Mediterraneo te espera una buena dosis de tranquilidad y buena luz!