Saturday, March 24, 2007


Last page on Monday!

La ultima pagina este lunes!

-"Si es un 'Jack in the box' (como se dice esto es castellano? es este juguete que consiste en una cabeza, generalmente de payaso, que salta con un muelle al abrir la caja que lo contiene...) te mato con mis propias manos."
"Has venido para que te lo devuelva?"

-"En absoluto"

-"Realmente te lo has ganado... Lo abriste ya?"


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

I can't believe the last page is coming! great work as usual here, marcos. lovely life drawings down there as well!

thank you for your comment on my turin-post, i'm very glad you enjoyed my town ;)
(by the way, did you actually worked there or it was a freelance thing?)

have a fantastic sunday! take care,

Jared Shear said...

WOW!...very cool stuff Marcos. Your lighting and use of color is nothing but inspiring. I especially enjoyed your life drawings as well...your line work has a nice energy and spontaneity to it.

And of course thanks for checking out my blog and for the comments.

Shuku said...

*CACKLE* No it is too small to be a Jack in the Box toy!

I am looking forward to the last page but I'm not at the same time because it'll mean it's ended...

And I LOVE Miss Trouble's expression in the second last panel. As if it's a bomb that will jump out at her.

...I'll tell you what I think it is via email. *hee hee hee*


Marcos Mateu said...

-Ale, thanks for the comment!
I was in Torino 2 or 3 times visiting Lanterna magica while I was developing the set designs and color for 'Toto Sapore' from my studio in Palma de Mallorca. I also then visited Maurizio Forestieri at his -really nice actually- studio in Rome. So it's not that I lived there for a while. Anyhow i always have very good memories of any of my trips to Italy.

-Thanks a lot Jared!

-Shuku! Great shot!...let's see though, let's see...

Maria Escalas Bernat said...

argfs!!!!! Marcos, no puc més, "me carcome la impaciencia"!!!!


wow! can't wait to see what's inside!!! great work Marcos! ;)