Thursday, April 05, 2007

Classic comics

Our friend 'Anguloagudus' has this blog called 'Comics en extincion" (please, see link).
I have to say I'm a regular visitor as it is a pleasure to see pages of all these masters in a row, just for anyone to click on them and see them in detail.
He has everything from Jesus Blasco, to Victor de la Fuente, Alex raymond, Jean Giraud, Frank Robbins and so many others. Worth visiting!

Habeis visitado ya "Comics en extincion" de Anguloagudus (ver link)?
Vale la pena. Un buen repaso por algunos de los mejores periodos de la reciente historia del comic.


Anonymous said...

Buen enlace. Ultimamente el amigo anguloagudus está poniendo muchísimo material. Saludos.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marcos,

I'm the guy from Culver Blvd. who saw your sketches and met Noel, etc. I'm looking for a cartoonist. My e-mail is

I also have an animated kids show I wrote. I've written two scripts. Do you know of a computer animation artist who's looking for a spec. show? Thanks