Sunday, June 15, 2008

Thoughts and sketches.

And to add up a little more light to this last 'drawing-less' posts, a couple of life drawing sketches.

Not too long ago, before the 'Orphan' news broke, I was talking to someone comparing the times in which I grew up (60's 70's), when one only had access to artwork produced by the 'official big guys' (from which sure enough we learnt so much), to these times we are living now in which with full access to internet and therefore pretty much any creative blog on earth, the scope of art, artists, talent, styles, points of view, options, opinions and ideas we could learn from and be inspired by, just enhanced everything we ever experienced at this level to a point never imagined before.
The speed at which things happened, the interchange of sources of inspiration -and- ideas, the creation of a global community of artists that were -constantly and in real time- sharing the best they had to offer in terms of art and opinion, seems it might as well be in the way out. If things go in a certain way, no 'real time' art, no fresh and spontaneous feedback there. This window to the world which I particularly appreciate very much seems to be going through very difficult times right now.
Anyhow a friend was telling me recently that the more obstacles we find in our way the more we, as the creative people we are, are going to find ways to even improve what we had before. I'm with him.

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Ernest Agulló said...

Un Honor obrir els comentaris...
el teu traç té molta passió, és clar que els teus esbossos són música en directe, de local petit...
salutacions desde la Garriga

Oscar Grillo said...

Esta soleado por aqui pero nada dice que va a seguir asi. No ha que confiarse. Un saludo desde Lilliput.

Jason Scheier said...

thank you for your thoughts and amazing sketches.. hope all is well..


robi pena said...

Geniales estos bocetos, uau!! Saludos compañero!!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Salutacions i gracies per la visita Ernest.

-Oscar! gracias por el avance del clima.
Aqui de momento soleado tambien y esperemos que por mucho tiempo.

-Thanks jason, all is well indeed.

-Gracias Robi, un saludo de vuelta!

Anonymous said...

Nice studies and beautiful lines as always . Good to see the positive side coming through . I too have been extremely frustrated at the direction things have been taking lately . It would be a shame for this mini renaissance that has been happening in the digital world of art to arrive at a slow and paranoid death thanks to poor choices of law and business .

But I do think that as things change so too will everyone evolve.

Change is constant ;)

Cheers Marcos .

Danixa Laurencich said...

Gracias por tu visita marcos...voya volver a mirar toooodos los archivos con más detenimiento, porque hay mucho para ver y leer.
un abrazo desde Argentina.

Danixa Laurencich said...

Ah, me olvidaba, estuve mirando tu impresionante...le voy a recomendar a mi hijo que pase por allí!

Lovelace said...

As always, your sketches are complete in what is left out, and beautiful in their energy, speed, force & cut of the line.

As for your commentary, there are times when the art-sharing overload fries my senses, and I make a concentrated effort to clear the psyche & let the images come straight from pure intution. That might be a tortured way of putting it, but I think you know what I mean.

Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

Sometimes, it seems to us seing you drawing that it is so easy that we don't understand why we aren't able to do the same. At least, you are giving us an answer... Because, before drawing, you muts work and work and work... Your sketches are a perfect exemple of all this work...

Boris Andreev said...

Hi Marcos!
How is it going so far?
Would you take a look at my latest stuff, I'd like to know your opinion. Click the Ice Rage link, please. Thank you.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey there Marcos, so glad to see new sketches from you. These drawings look very strong, and with a great attitude. Keep it up my friend, and take care.

PuMpKiN said...

muy buenos, como siempre!!
por cierto el otro dia despues de ver Surf's up, echando un vistazo a los bocetos del como se hizo, vi algunas de tus aportaciones al arte de la peli, geniales tio.

un saludo!!

flaviano said...

interesting thoughts (and sketches of course), the global comunity artist is the greatest things of these times, blog sites and all internet places were we can see each other works and excange ideas make everyone skills grows fast. of course if all this is possible is thanks to all you guys who spend the spare time to tell us how the work on big studios and your personal work go on, i see this everyday on my work, i learn something new everyday despite the fact i'm stucked in a small city very far and work on low quality series (yes, i dont sleep to find the time to see all the internet stuff but there's time when i will dead to sleep ;)
as you said the other side of the coin is how to improve our work and the visual storm we find on the net can be an obstacle because we are human and it's easy to be influenced by the things we watch (it this sense i think the Studios do a lot of difficulty to make big steps forward and the foult isn't certainly of the artists). the only thing can help is to be always opened to what coming out from the world.
a good advice from one of my old school teacher was: do a good drawing, put it on a drawer and don't watch at it. just open the drawer after lots of years and sure you see your improvement.
have nice day and work man!

Omar "OX" Rodriguez said...

thanks to the internet, Ive gotten inspired by you.thanks Marcos.

Anonymous said...

I got a little misty eyed with excitement when I clicked the link to your blog and saw a new post featuring NEW SKETCHES!!! Super happy to see you post your drawings again Marcos. Keep em comin and dont let "the man" bring you down yo. HA!!

Jörn said...

Really interesting thoughts, think you are right ... i'm looking forward with anticipation to what will happen.
Love your sketches btw, i'm always a bit envious about your way to show so much with so less lines ...

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Simon. Nice positive feedback.
The thing I feel funny about is that as you can see I don't feel too encouraged to post up (basically "risk") new artwork on the blog. But anyway, we'll find a way.

-Diana, muchas gracias! Encantado de tu visita.

-Thanks for the visit and comment Lovelace.
As for the info overload, I see what you mean. Nevertheless I think it's great to have the chance to see all this display of creativity out there, then one can always decide wether to dive into it or not.

-Mercy Edouard, always a pleasure to have you around!

-Hi Boris, I did see your work, I hope you got my reply some time ago.

-Thanks a lot Ale! I hope all is well back in Italy!

-Muchas gracias Pumpkin! La verdad es que fue muy divertido trabajar en aquella pelicula!

-Hey Flaviano! thanks for the visit and comment.
As for you artwork I think you should be proud of it (you seem a little concerned about working in an area not too exposed to the main paths of activity!)
As for your comment on my lines, humans are always going to have creative influences, but the same happens with doctors, lawyers... nobody starts from square one! good examples of it (if I may use this as an example) are all the artists of the renaissance, they originally got fed by all the ancient knowledge of all the artists and architects that lived 1500 years before them. Mankind i general is just continuing a path that got started ten thousand years ago, so I figure it's Ok, and natural, to keep receiving influences from many others before, from the top architect to the hard working electrician!
All the best.

-Thanks for the visit Omar!

-Hey Craig, thanks for your always creative and positive approach! See you one of these days.

-Thanks for the comment Joern!

Pc man said...

Qué buenos tio!!

Mil abrazos tio!!

Wendy Pan said...

UN saludo desde la soleada isla de la ensaimada!
(aunque no demasiado chorreante by now).

Con que Surf's up es lo que hiciste en Sony? endevéeeeee,
podías presumir un poco de vez en cuando. Me tengo que enterar a estas alturas...

flaviano said...

thanks for your words Maestro!

Douglas Ferreira said...

Could'nt agree more with the thoughts,been 35 years old,I saw this change happens too.Very nice sketches as usual,it's been a while since I don't comment on your blog,but that doesn't mean I wasn't visiting!Best wishes Marcos!

Mel Maduro said...

Wow, those sketches are stunning. They're structured so well. Bravo.

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

please post some new pictures!

Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

Great sketches. One day, you'll publish a book compilating all of them ! :)

Helen Chen said...

Wow Marcos, I had the fortune to visit Dreamworks (the Burbank one) yesterday and today and I've been lucky enough to see a your work. Its all very inspiring, it really was overwhelming to see all of that great work.

Beautiful sketches. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketches and thought-provoking words Marcos!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Beautiful sketches.

I also like the more positive outlook.

Unknown said...

love the drawings!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Paco, un abrazo.

-Hola Susana, efectivamente "Surf´s up". La verdad es que es una de las peliculas en las que he trabajado de las que estoy mas orgulloso.

-Thanks a lot for your visit and comment Flaviano!

-Thanks a lot Douglas!

-Thank you for your visit Mel.

-Hey George, very soon possibly! thanks for your encourageing comment.

-The thought is there Edouard. Mercy for your comment

-Thanks a lot Helen! (I figure you are talking about the Glendale studio?)

-Thanks Andy

-Thanks Marcelo. I agree on the tone thing...

-Thanks you Alina!

Juampa said...


todo tu trabajo es espectacular pero tus bocetos muestran una soltura más que envidiable.

Eres un crack!!

the doodlers said...

Marcos. Good of you to visit us again. We always appreciate it. In spite of the orphan works legislation, we continue to post our rough work on the blog. I do have hope that there can continue to be this wonderful exchange of creativity.

Also I like keeping things simple. The blog is a simple outlet for creativity.

benjamin trobat -cartoonist- said...

great work man

Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Beautiful sketches and figure drawings, there is so much confidence in your work. Thanks for the inspiring pics.