Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fantastic Day

And so we all headed for the Huntington Gardens... chinese new year festival awaiting for us.
Perfect day!, great light, great temperature. Following Craig's suggestion I brought marker and sketchpad. We both stopped right opposite the japanese garden area which we drew from there.


Lutgardo Fernández said...

¡Qué apunte, My God!.
Combinas la inteligecia de un trazo seguro (nunca das puntada sin hilo)con lo espontáneo y fresco de un apunte al natural.Creo que conseguir ese equilibrio hace que tus dibujos sean algo fuera de lo normal.

JDCanales said...

¡Qué grande eres, Marcos!
Y que suerte tienes con ese tiempo californiano. Aquí hace un frío que pela!
un abrazo

Jason Scheier said...

wow! this is beautiful marcos!

Unknown said...

That is a GREAT sketch. I like the limited palate. I gotta get down there and do some sketches.

Anonymous said...

AW man....looks Great with the color Marcos!! Definitely a good time man...wish we could have drawn more. Will have to do another outing soon.

Hans said...

Very cool! I wonder if that trip had anything to do with a Kung Fu Panda sequel???:D

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Lutgardo!

-Muchas gracias Juan, y si es cieto que este invierno es mas una primavera que otra cosa!

-Thanks a lot Jason.

-Thank you Jeremy. Well I think you should visit the place, It's beautiful and relaxing indeed, and a source of inspiration.

-Craig I agree, we should do this more often and also I enjoyed doing landscape rather than only character for a change.

-Thanks Hans, and btw nothing to do with that!

Will Finn said...

Marcos, i love the way you got the structure of the landscape down with such simplicity and contrast. Everything is completely clear and evocative.

BTW at first glance I thought i was a hi-contrast photo!

Manuel Deskartes said...

Marcos, gracias por tus palabras sobre Palacios, que un artistazo como tu tenga la humildad de un fan dice mucho en tu favor.
Un abrazo.

Jared Shear said...

Beauty! those loose yet confident marker strokes.

TomH said...

That's a great sketch. I love the heavy strokes that define the dark areas of the sketch. i saw your comments on Armand's blog about the Disney Layout crew photos and that led me to your blog. I love your work and I'll be checking into your blog on a regular basis.

Valentina said...

Marcos, I love it.I got particularly drawn to the reflection on the water.lovely to see your drawings. They nearly make me hear your voice.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Wow, this is a tremendous sketch. I've been to the garden, and it is a great place to sketch.

Unknown said...

Qué envidia, todo lo que haces tiene buena pinta. Unos pocos trazos y se puede ver la luz que había ese dia, estoy seguro.

susda74 said...

your works is great!!

Oscar Grillo said...

Te conteste esto en el blog, Marcos:


Editor said...

Marcos llegué acá por un mensaje que dejaste en el blog de Grillo... y estuve viendo tus trabajos y dibujos tanto aquí como en tu web. SIN palabras, no sé qué me impresiona más.. si tus trazos o la manera en que coloreas tus ilustraciones..
Voy a pasar seguido por acá para seguir aprendiendo.
un abrazo desde Argentina

Pc man said...

Hola Marcos, cuanto tiempo!

Què mas puedo decire con todo lo dicho en esta ristra de comentarios, me sumo a todo lo comentado!


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thank you very much Will! I usually treat light as the main issue when it comes to a scene like this, and in this case it was made easy by the landscape around. Such a cool place.

-Gracias Manuel, tu post sobre el maestro es fantastico. Me sigo pasando como siempre por tu blog...

-Thanks Jared.

-Thank you Tom, and it's really good hearing from you after so long! You were definitely one of the 'first faces' I ever saw in animation after I started at Amblin, and I'm glad now I can follow your art and news through your blog!
All the best.

-Thanks Valentina. Nice having a visit from you!

- Thanks Moe!, It indeed is a great place, and the day was perfect too! Here is another location for all of us to show at and sketch our pads away!

-Muchas gracias Guillermo. Un saludo!

-Thanks Susini!

-Oscar! gracias por tu visita, tu comentario, y tu siempre vigorizante intercambio de ideas! Siempre ves el lado apasionado de las cosas y esto no tiene precio.
Un abrazo!

-Muchas gracias por tu comentario Jocomic. Un saludo de vuelta.

-Gracias Paco!

Lovelace said...

Hiroshige would be proud!

Unknown said...

Beautiful drawing!! Did you check out the new Chinese garden also? Great seeing you today at Dreamworks BTW ^_^

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thank you Lovelace

-Thanks Alina and great seeing you too!
Actually Alfie and my friends did visit the chinese gardens while Craig and i stayed behind and drew the japanese garden.

Tom Scholes said...

Oh how I love this, I love it almost as much as how you draw.