Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ye Olde Days

Wow, some time went by since I drew this page. Great days working on an improvised graphic novel with my friends Marcelo Vignali and Armand Serrano.
I certainly still do enjoy the memories! We were coming up with the story as it went, each one of us creating new characters as they were needed. Dinga Man (here with the red bandana) was Marcelo's idea.


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Wooooow Marcos! This page is really beautiful. LOVE the second shot. And the third. And the first one. You're too talented my friend :D

Hans said...

Yaaaay!! Bring back EL PACIFICO!!!
I miss Dinga-Man and Brother Jesus.


Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

Great work Marcos ! Just great... What else could we say ?

A. Riabovitchev said...

Hey! Marcos back!:o)

Ernest Agulló said...

tens un talent descomunal pel còmic, i un domini de la composició global de la pàgina que fa por, que sàpigues que et segueixo desde El Cavall Fort

Jose Zinc said...

Un entintado fabuloso y un sentido de la composición envidiable. Siempre es un placer pasar de vez en cuando por aquí!

Yrgane said...

Very nice work !! thankx for you comment on my blog ;)... Nice to see a american travelling until a French blog ^^ (sorry for my english so ... hum hum) :) See You

pablo pablo said...

Very nice works!

craig said...

Great stuff. Did you guys finish it?


Nueva composición de página, llena de fuerza y color.
Lastima que continuases con el proyecto. ¡Nunca es tarde para continuar! Nos harías un gran favor. Al menos algún dibujo de vez en cuando.

Gracias por el regalo. Saludos

JD said...

Magnífica página, amigo Marcos.
Dibujas como los ángeles.

Jason Scheier said...

those are amazing comps!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Alessa!

-Those were some days Hans! Fun to improvise a story since it's the sort of thing on never does in the business!

-Merci Edouard! Every time I see your picture working right on the beach... that's some 'studio'

-I am Andrei. Thanks for the visit

-Moltes gracies Ernest! Des de cavall Fort?? han passat mes de dos diumenges donç. Allo va ser una experiencis molt maca i una oportunitat d'explorar comic en colors. Grans memories!

-Muchas gracias Jose!

-Thanks Yrgane (I'll say although I'm living in L.A. I was born in Spain just a few years ago :D)

-Muchas gracias Pablo

-We did not Craig, at least not for the moment. Thanks for your visit and comment

-Muchas gracias Horacio, y encantado de pasarme por tu blog con regularidad.
Un saludo.

-Muchas gracias JD!

-Thanks a lot Jason!

Unknown said...

Cool! ^^

Marcelo Vignali said...

Oh, thanks for the memories! I really enjoyed this project, it's a shame we couldn't keep it going. It was fun while it lasted, and I learned a lot watching you put your comic page together.

Unknown said...

Vaya página, y qué color. Ese mar esta perfecto, y la tinta estupenda.

Unknown said...

Some beautiful panels


anima-base said...

Wow, It's amazimg Marcos~
I'd like to know what is it this comic's title?

Anonymous said...

¡Que triste que el cómic español haya perdido un autor como tu! Pero decia mi abuela que nunca es tarde, si la dicha es buena...
Horacio y yo te tenemos puesta una capillita en Madrid.
Un cordial saludo.
Charles Caum

Antonio Navarro said...

Hola maese Marcos,
Eso que hacéis Marcelo y tú no está nada bien. Ponernos los dientes largos con vuestros piratas para luego no seguir…
Los fans queremos verlo terminado y en papel, a ser posible.

Unknown said...

Your works are great!

abhishek singh said...

the page looks tight , super compositions,
love ur style too

Anonymous said...

>great job,looking good concept arts.
>ilove your colours arts

>can you give me tips improving my concept art.

>see my blog.
>>Comment are wellcome.

Leo Matsuda said...

Amazing artwork, Marcos!!!I really loved you solid and appealing storytelling drawings. Thanks for stopping by in my blog!

Ben Balistreri said...

beautiful! Just like eeverything on your blog.

g said...

great as usual ;]

MalArte said...

muchas gracias, aun tengo la boca abierta despues de ver tus trabajos, tienen un trazo increible. Un saludo

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Pedro

-Hey Mo! it all started with our visit to the Hammer museum, you had the idea!

-Muchas gracias Guillermo. Un saludo.

-Thanks a bunch Mel

-Thanks Anima.
This page is part of a comic book we did together with Marcelo Vignali and Armand Serrano.
We were improvising as the story went along, you can still see it at

-Muchas gracias Charles! (por cierto, nos conocemos?)

-Gracias Antonio, y nunca se sabe...
Me continuo pasando por tu blog.

-Thanks Antonello

-Thank you very much Abhishek

-Thanks Naren, I'll drop by

-Thank you very much Leo

-Thanks a lot Ben. By the way, I'm sharing a room at the studio with your friend Shannon Tindle!

-Thanks Gabriele

-Muchas gracias David

robi pena said...

Impresionante Marcos :-))!!!! Mucho es el arte que corre por tus venas, esta todo guapisimo lo que haces amigo!! Y pedazo de amigos tambien, grande Marcel y grande Armand, si señor, seguro habeis disfrutado muchisimo, me alegra :-)!!! Un fuerte abrazo!!

abhishek singh said...

had to come again and compliment u , i ended up scrolling all the previous work u have , and saw those chariot race sketches , the work on tht film was a class act , it was a pleasure looking at all the work u've posted , n i'm loving these pages
i look forward to more beautiful work:)
also linking u up ,friend:)

Pc man said...

Hola Marcos.
Me encanta!

Saludos y felíz Verano!


Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Robi! un abrazo de vuelta.

-Thanks for your visit and comment Abhishek!

-Gracias Paco. Un saludo.

Attractive Art Community (Big Sam) said...

Strong Composition. And I love the way you did the water! I am taking notes I am! good Work