Thursday, September 24, 2009


First of all, thanks to Craig Harris for his great work organizing the show that opened last saturday in 'House of Secrets', and thanks to everyone who showed up and helped make it the fun event that was!
So here are a few pieces I did some time ago for a personal project that so far hasn't turned into reality. Yet. One can never tell :)
I hope everybody is Ok and enjoying the arrival of the fall.


Unknown said...

These have a neat texture. Are they a mix of marker and digital?

By the way, Fall? It's still over 90 today! ;)

Angux said...

A ver si un día deja de ser proyecto para convertirse en realidad, que se le ve buena pinta.

Un saludo.

A. Riabovitchev said...

You have very beautiful line and drawings!:o)

Anonymous said...

Inspiring as always Marcos .
Cheers buddy .

Mariusz Kornatka said...

Great work!
Looking forward for the next update!

All the best,

carlos muñoz said...

bonissims ets un gran dibuixant!!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Jeremy, It's all marker actually. When I did these I still hadn't bought my first computer!
...And you are right, 90 degrees! but still fall, technically :)

-Un saludo de vuelta para ti Angux. Y a ver si es verdad! llevo varios entre manos ahora mismo y este no esta entre ellos, de momento.

-Thanks very much Andrei.

-Thanks a lot Simon.

-Thanks Mariusz, in fact I just posted another one (right timing!)

-Moltes gracies Carlos!

shannon said...

Man those heads are great!

Luispa Salmon said...

Es realmente increible todo lo que tienes aqui...he visto todo el blog y aun sigo babeando.
Eres una gran inspiración para los que estamos empezando