Friday, December 04, 2009

Time availability

I like keeping my blog active, although then again the time available to produce new stuff is limited right now so, here is another piece that's about... a year and a half old? That's how long these two have been going at it! (they will never learn)


A. Riabovitchev said...

This I call really beautiful drawings

Rotebor said...

¡Buenísimo, Marcos!

Jelter said...

awesome stuff, that was a big compliment coming from you!

spartaco lombardo said...

Thanks Marcus for post in my blog. I like very much your drawings

abhishek singh said...

love the FORCE within:)
beautiful sketch

WJC said...

I love this. Your line looks so loose and lively and correct at the same time. It doesn't happen to many people.

Jason Scheier said...

your sketches are always inspiring! can't wait to see some new works from you friend. -js

cindy lee jones said...

Hi Marcos,
Thanks for visiting my photo blog. In regards to the name, I have a dear friend that lives on Ibiza that called me Ibiza_butterfly...

Nice drawings Marcos :-)

Peace to you,

Oscar Grillo said...

Si el de la derecha acelera el "biandun" le puede romper la pierna al de la izquierda que esta muy descolocado.

Paul Hamblin said...

Nice movement and story in this one!

Ernest Agulló said...

boníssim! as allways

Unknown said...

Marcos, de nuevo un dibujo precioso. Qué demonios pasa en el panorama de cómic, que no se ven maravillas como esta más a menudo? Hay algun editor por ahi leyendo esto?

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Andrei

-Muchas gracias Rotebor! un saludo

-Thanks Jelter and, sure thing!

-Grazie Spartaco

-Thank you very much Abhyshek

-Well! thanks a lot Warwick!

-Thanks Jason... hopefully you will! :)

-Sure thing Cindy, and thanks for the visit
-Cierto oscar. La verdad es que oyendote hablar asi casi parece que estes retransmitiendo un partido del mundial! :)

-Thanks a lot Paul

-Moltes gracies Ernest!

-Muchas gracias Guillermo! a lo mejor hay alguno :)

Manoj a menon said...

cool sketches full of energy oozing out from every stroke..
im so happy today morning that i found your blog finally..
im glued to this page from today..
and ..did you say 'toto sapore'
i remember animating him on a test work that arrived years back at our studio.
i was one among the 8 animators who were shortlisted for the test..i remember all the extra baggage that he has..hmm and there was a girl character too.
i conider this an honour to work on something where you have made significant contribution.

this would be a star in the walk of fame for me..


anima-base said...

Wow, very dynamic battle scene.
Marcos, Your drawings are very inspiring.

naomiful said...


haha thanks for visiting

Man your work here is great, very alive :)

Dominic Bugatto said...

Love this.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful posings, i love the way you made the contrasts, muy muy bonito!

mickael brunet said...

Great,good work!!

Lubomir said...

Man, this looks great. Your figure drawings are phenomenal.

Lucas Ferreyra said...


Unknown said...

Que arte!

william wray said...

Lovely work Marcos, you have it all the mad skills!

philip vose said...

hello marcos. thanks for the nice comment. it goes without saying, but your work is something great. see more soon...

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Manoj, and I'm happy to see that we worked on a project together. That was a fun one not only for the project itself but for the team as well!

-Thanks Wonman, I keep dropping by your cool blog. Nice work!

-Thanks Naomi

-Thanks Dominic.

-Muchas gracias Amanieu!

-Thanks Monsieur Brunet!

-Thank you very much for your visit and comment Lubomir

-Thanks a lot Lucas! say hello to Brazil!

-Muchas gracias Pedro, espero que todo vaya bien!

-Thank you so much William

-Thank you very much Philip.

Chrismacolor said...

You are inspiring sir.