Wednesday, January 06, 2010

3 YEARS ??? -Three years-

Well, it -will be- three years in March that I published in this blog the last page of Miss Trouble's adventures (started on September 25th 2006), the online graphic novel that inspired and started the site originally. So I thought... it would be fun to post it up again little by little (obviously intercalated with other works). The story was improvised as it was being drawn, the only premise being 'L.A. girl decides to get out of her apartment one evening and things start happening'.
So here is what happened to her...


Ernest Agulló said...

El veurem publicat en paper algún dia? veritablement el pas del temps és terriblement ràpid, l'art ajuda a frenar-lo una miqueta. Salut! i feliç 2010!

Jörn said...

Such a nice style ... i like very much!

Toni Reyna said...

Buena manera de empezar el año!que no pare!

Unknown said...

Cool - I didn't know about this. I am looking forward to the rest!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Yay miss trouble is back!
Always loved those Marcos, I'm glad you're posting them up again.
Hope you had a fantastic new year start, hugs!

Jason Scheier said...

sweet marcos!

Shuku said...

MARCOS! It's Miss Trouble again! *dances happily* Oooooh I've missed her... how lovely to see her back! Did she board the plane and go to get married? ;)

David Colman said...


Marcos Mateu said...

-Hola Ernest, sa veritat es que tot es possible, tambe tenc idees per continuar les seves aventures, ja veurem!
Gracies per la visita i Felic/ 2010!

-Thanks a lot Jorn for the visit and comment!

-Hola Tony! Un saludo pare el 2010!

-Good to hear Jeremy, it actually came down to be close to forty pages, so it's gona take a while...

-Alessandra! she is back. Thanks for your comment and Hapy Year to you too!

-Thanks Jason!

-SHUKU! here is for you again :))
She got in the plane in my head and new adventures seem to be taking shape between my brain cells from time to time, now I need the oportunity to put them all together as things are busy lately.
All the best to you and 'see you' soon!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks David!

Shuku said...

I am -so- looking forward to revisiting Miss Trouble, and to seeing any new adventures that she gets into! So she's on the plane...oh dear, that means she could be in ANY amount of trouble right now. Maybe even with a wedding ring in a box...;)

YAY! Miss Trouble! You just made my year :)

Rotebor said...

¡Qué soltura en el trazo!
Ya mismo empiezo a coleccionar las páginas.
Un saludo cordial.

A. Riabovitchev said...

3 Years!Can't belive it!:o)

Rafa said...

Hola Marcos
No se si em recordarás. Em dic Rafa López i soc un ex-alumne de ja fa uns anys, de les teves clases de dibuix a Palma.
Enhorabona per la web i el blog.
Em volia fer algun dia un blog amb ilustracions meves tambè, pero tenia un dubte, potser tu em pots donar una má.
S´han de registrar les imatges abans de publicarles o basta posar el simbol de Copyrigth per evitar problemes de pirateria?
Veig que tu be, per les ameriques.
Te pas l´enllaç de altra web que duc d´un grup de teatre d´acció que hem montat a l´illa, per si t´interesa donar un cop d´ull:
Potser em reconeixerás a qualque foto.
Salut i moltes gràcies per tot Marcos

Rafa said...

Hola de nou.
Perdona, una preugunta mes,tornarás a donar les teves clases a Palma qualque dia?

abhishek singh said...

i'm in for the ride, eager to see where her adventure lads;
n like always love the sketches friend:)

Heidi Smith said...

Really nice, I love the Sunset on Hollywood!

Música Y Comic. said...

Hola. Muchas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y dejar tu comentario. Sabiendo donde esta tu blog ya pe paso de vez en cuando. Suerte para conquistar las americas con tu grafismo. Saludos. Un brazo. Juan

Nathan Fowkes said...


Happy New Year Marcos!!

Ty Carter said...

This is great!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks for your visit Shuku!

-Hola Rotebor, muchas gracias por tu visita!

-I know Andrei... ;)

-Gracies per la visita Rafa, te contest per email

-Thanks a lot Abhishek

-Heid, it starts at sunset, it goes on until dawn, her life will be changed forever! ;D

-Muchas gracias Juan, encantado de tu visita

-Happy New Year to you Nathan!

-Thanks for the visit Ty


Me gustan los colores de este cómic.
Tienes muy buenos trabajos, Marcos. Enhorabuena!