Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Flying Dragons!

Always happy to see a really good movie, specially when so many of my incredibly talented friends have worked on it and made it the reality it is today. It was epic in its making and this reflects in every frame. Go see "How to train your Dragon" and... enjoy!!


Unknown said...

I couldn't agree more - that film was excellent and every way. Everyone involved should be very proud of their effort.

Andrea Fernandez said...

Your blog is outrageously cool!! I'm really happy I stumbled upon it.

Oscar Grillo said...

I am an old man near the end of my days. Do you really think I should spend two hours of the little life I've got left to live watching a Hollywood concoction?...Thanks God I still have an old video tape of "Candido" by Berlanga I can still watch. A big embrace.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Jeremy, I complete agree

-Thanks a lot DrawDoll!

-Oscar!, thanks for your (always) juicy comments. You are right that the use of personal time is so precious one cannot tell others how to go at it, and that again, at different points in our lives our perception of it is also very different. On top of that it's also true that if we look as far back as when movies got started onwards the perspective changes yet again.
Once said that I'll say 'Dragons' is a very nice film and it's well worth the trip ... obviously if this is what one is in the mood for!
Btw now that you mention Berlanga I'll say two of my favorite movies of all time are "Bienvenido Mr. Marshall' and 'El Verdugo'.
One big embrace back to you!

Oscar Grillo said...

For me Berlanga is a master of cinema, a sadly neglected hero of comedy. I place Berlanga in the pantheon of greatness next to Preston Sturgess and Billy Wilder. I Have almost all his fims but alas only in VHS. I have been praying for the National Film Board to make a retrospective. "Candido is my favourite but I have watch Bienvenido Mr. Marshall" and "Calabuig" many times!

Oscar Grillo said...

Let me correct this:
I have been praying for years for the National Film Board to show a retrospective. "Candido" is my favourite but I have watched Bienvenido Mr. Marshall" and "Calabuig" many many times!

Marcelo Vignali said...

I loved it, my kids loved it, and surprisingly my wife loved it. I say surprisingly because she normally doesn't like animated films.

Congrats to Dreamworks on another stellar film.

Marcos Mateu said...

It is a great film Marcelo, and I'm glad you guys all enjoyed it!