Thursday, June 03, 2010

Palm readers and mystery houses

Back now to where we left the graphic novel.
Our heroine finally got her wish come true and was definitely present the moment the undercover envoy got inside the palm reader's office to gather vital information in order for the operation to proceed... After that point, things were to get uglier. And uglier. (On a curious note, the first date of publication of page 22 was Halloween 2006, which I thought was an interesting coincidence given the visuals and story theme of it).
Also, one more view of the ghost house design I did for 'Ghost VFX'. This time it's the entrance hall.


JDCanales said...

Cool! ¿Marcos, no te has planteado hacer el rotulado a mano? Es más trabajo, pero yo creo que las páginas ganarían un montón, porque seguro que haría muy buen matrimonio con tu trazo tan expresivo.
En cualquier caso, excelente trabajo, como siempre!

Kendra Melton said...

Your environments never cease to amaze me. Love the depth and form, GORGEOUS!

Anonymous said...

Muy bueno el personaje de aires malvados... rostro inquietante.

SKIZO said...


lincoln said...

Love the inking and pace! I'm curious, do you ink digitally or with a real crow quill and marker? You have an incredibly deft hand

Paul Hamblin said...


abhishek singh said...

i love the way she turns towards the door in the first page, and the last panel of the eyes, so intriguing!!
congrats on the book as well.
i hope to get my copy soon:)

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

i love the colors of the last page!

Gulzar said...

Loved the flow of the pannels! and the layout beneath is so wonderful...I love the way you used those white tints, not over using it...its remarkable.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Juan! la verdad es que solia hacerlo hace muchos años. Ahora cuando hice este comic hace unos años la verdad es que tenia el tiempo tan contado para hacer lo que hice que el rotular a mano me caia muy lejos!
De todas formas una sugerencia tuya nunca cae en saco roto, y por supuesto la voy a tener en cuenta!
gracias por la visita como siempre

-Thank you Kendra!

-Gracias Abey, la intencion estaba!

-Thanks Skizo!

-Hi Lincoln, thanks for your visit and comment! the drawing was 99% Sharpie, then scanned and then colored with photoshop. Sometimes I did the panels separately and then edited them together on the computer.

-Thanks Paul

-Abhishek! thanks for the comment. To me obviously the drawing is very important, although the acting and flow of the story and where to put the cliffhangers and how is equally crucial, so I really try to pay as much attention to these things as I can.
About the book, thanks for ordering it! ...and I hope you let me know what you think of it whenever you have the chance.
All the best.

-Thank you George!

-Thanks a lot Gulzar, I was just talking to Abhishek about these points you are making. Thanks for the visit :)

Hans said...

Hey Marcos,

Been waaay too long! Always enjoy your amazing posts, so nothing new there:)
Hope all is well and that we'll get a chance to do lunch or something soon.


Emmanuelle.Walker said...

Very impressive work!