Monday, October 11, 2010


Just don't ask me what these two are doing!... any ideas? :)
(Btw, it was like back to summer today here in L.A. Nice...)


paolo_gaspare said...

Great visual impact!


Anonymous said...

Genial!! Muy fresco.

Unknown said...

Professional soldiers / mercenaries are the words that pop into my head when I look at this couple.

They are being pursued but they are not fearful about their predicament. They’re looking back making sure the haven’t lost the people that are chasing them.

Both faces show confidence. She is cool, her weapon is down and does not feel she is in danger.
He is a little on the ruthless side, calculating but loyal.

Although he finds her beautiful, he feels too old for her. She is the daughter of his best friend. He owes his friend, her dad, his life. Mission is a favor she asked in her father’s name. She is attracted to him.

They are leading their pursuers to ... an ambush? ... a secret location that those who follow hold the key to?

Or their after some juvenile delinquents on the backlot of Adventureland in Disneyland.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Grazie mille Paolo!

-Gracias Jose Ramon! que tal Barcelona estos dias?

-Thomas, you crack me up! :)) do you have a blog btw? I couldn't find it

WJC said...

Brilliant frame, looks amazing

craig said...

I smell a good story brewing here...beautiful piece of art as usual Marcos!!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Oh my, whatever they are looking at, it must mean serious business! Love the composition, really beautiful panel Marcos.

Humza Khan said...
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Humza Khan said...

your expressive energetic line flow in some your pieces reminds of some of Charles Gibson work and his iconic Gibson girl illustrations but applied in a more contemporary way. They're real dynamic and have a energy to them!

Kinman said...

the characters don't show any threat.. so I would guess they're mildly impressed with something.. couple random ideas come to mind..

-They're looking at another character who expresses comic relief for the audience.. like a jester of some sort..

-If they're the villains, they could be torturing someone and getting a kick out of it..

-.. the Disneyland comment is pretty genius.. I'd go with that one.. :)

Unknown said...

This is my first post to your blog, Marcos and I must thank you for the compliment of looking for my non-existing blog. It suggests you found me interesting ..... wow! In truth you are the interesting one with the brush full of FLAIR and I’m only an observer (although my mother thinks I’m interesting).

On top of all this Kinman calls my comment “genius”. This is an implication that I am therefore ... a genius?

My oldest son (Junior) blogs, (computer programming) and of course has my name. If you need to read a blog with my name, you could read his until I get mine going :) ... of course I will probably go by the name of “TORTE”, just to be unique.

I don’t speak like I write but I like to think I’m funny.

Martin Bergquist said...

Great! as usual... Are you gonna visit the ctn animaton expo btw.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Warwick!

-Thanks a lot Craig

-Grazie mille Alessandra. Everything Ok in Torino?

-Thanks a lot for your nice words Humza!

-Kinman, thanks for giving your thoughts on these characters!

-Thomas! I will take a look at Junior's for sure

-Thanks Martin. I'll be in Burbank for the show indeed!

Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

They are waiting for the bus ? ;-)

Alfred Llupia said...

Hola Marcos,si no m'equivoco ja han arribat al millor punt de vista de la situacio,ella amb la pistola"colt"desenfundada sens dubte no esta per picnics.No se si esperara l'ordre del company que esta bastant concentrat.Per cert han viatjat amb una "Indian"?Ho dic per la vestimenta de cuir anys quaranta d'ella.Salutacions.

Gigi Cave said...

I love what you do!

Pc man said...



Motxuel said...

Una canya com sempre Marcos!! Tens els dibuixos més impactants que he vist mai!! La teva línia és flipant, encara tenc un dibuix a tinta que feres a classe d'un soldat penjat a la meva habitació, és genial, i me'n record que no et va dur més de 5 minuts, i amb 4 taques i 4 línies (mallorquines) ho dius tot!! Molt expressiu! No deixis de dibuixar mai ;) i jo seguiré intentant pareixer-me a tu sensei.

Una aferrada des de Mallorca!

Raul Avila said...

Muy bueno....dan ganas de ver mas de ese mundo!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Haha! great Edouard! mercy for the comment

-Alfred! m'agrada aquesta inmersio teva dins de la atmosfera de la situacio! Moltes gracies i una abraçada

-Thanks Gigi!

-Gracias Kcirbuk!

-Moltes gracies Victor! ara tenc curiositat per saber de quin dibuix me parles.
Una abraçada de volta!

-Muchas gracias Raul! pues a lo mejor viene algun dibujo mas... las ganas siempre estan

Will Finn said...

DAMN!!!! I repeat: DAMN!!! : 0 )


Marcos Mateu said...

Thank you Will!! :))

Zeljko Duvnjak said...

All these black and whites are great.
They remind me again and again how powerful and expressive this comic book style can be!

Shuku said...

He: "My my my, what do we have here - do I see Doctor Jones and the beautiful Miss Trouble?"

She: "...either that or it's a peacock with a bad hair day."

From off-screen: " know, I swear I thought El Dorado was THAT way, but I think we might just have read the map upside down."

From off-screen: "'re gonna burn in hell for this, Indy."

Johnny Roqueta said...

Hauries de dedicar-te a això…