Monday, October 04, 2010

The Box

And the box seems to be hers forever now... let's see.
The page with the faces started off as ..."I'll draw a face here". All of a sudden there were dozens of them. I did get carried away!
Great week ahead to everyone


vitalik shu said...

Inspire incredibly )))))))

paolo_gaspare said...

Great force in your lines!


craig said...

And a fine page of faces!. Great personality

Unknown said...

Great sketches!

Jason Scheier said...

Love Love Love your sketches!! just WOW!

Milenko said...

Oh boy!
Thank you for your kind words, I am a huge fan of your work for quite a few years now.
Cheers to your awesome skill,



Marcos Mateu said...

-Thans Vitalik!

-Ciao Paolo, mille grazie!

-Thanks Craig!

-Thanks Octavio! nice work in your blog by the way

-Jason buddy, thanks much for the visit and comment!

-Thank you Milenko

Xavier Yabut said...

Really nice ink work!

g1toons said...

been a while since I have been to your blog these faces are amazing

Shuku said...

I still say she went to Hong Kong or somewhere outlandish. ;)

Sigh. Miss Trouble. How I love her.

Mireia Serra said...

Hola Marcos! Gràcies per la visita i el comentari... alucino que algú amb el teu nivell es passi pel meu blog :-)

És una passada el que fas!!! Com que els adjectius ja te'ls hauràn posat tots... jo em sumo al clamor popular! jeje

Per cert, que jo m'he criat a Mallorca... Visca ses Illes!


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Xavier

-Thanks Leon

-Shuku, I'm afraid she did, in my head she did.

-Mireia, moltes gracies a tu!. Criada a Mallorca? Hi vares passar molt de temps per alla?

Louis Alwyn du Preez said...

Hi Marcos, I'm a South African artist in the film industry and life. Half way through "INK", bravo!

Question: Do you ink via PC or old school, or both?

I love painting on PS and Painter but when it comes to inking the stylus feels like a hamster on speed in my hand.

Great work, great book! Thank you.


Louis du Preez

Marcos Mateu said...

Hi Louis, thanks for your visit and comment and I'm glad you are liking 'framed ink'!
The book is 99% digital (cintiq), except from a few pages out of the online graphic novel you just posted your comment on.