Friday, November 05, 2010

Old project, new review

Years ago I already started with the idea of writing a book on composition. This double page spread is a sample I did back in 2003 while exploring ways and options for the project, pretty much establishing the basic principles I would eventually use in 'Framed Ink'. As you can see though it was based on the idea of illustrations, not so much on 'continuity/narrative art', as it ended up being.
By the way, Fernando Caire from CGChannel wrote a really nice review about the book on his blog just yesterday. Thanks Fernando!


craig said...

awesome. do you have any more pages?

chromasketch said...

are you going to publish it someday, is that why all the text is blurred?

looks interesting.

Gulzar said...

This is wonderful. Wow! as awesomelushioulsy as ever :)

Shuku said...

Funny how things change during the course of the writing isn't it? I'm soooo excited about your book. Am still patiently waiting for a time when I can order it in properly through my bookseller - maybe for Christmas or my birthday next year!

I'm going to have you sign it too eventually!

(I just had this amusing image of Miss Trouble in Hong Kong, trying to find an apartment and not understanding a word anyone's telling her. And winding up at a laundromat.)

Martin Bergquist said...

Hi, I'm so glad that I have a copy of framed ink, so many good insights and great examples. I have a few books in the subject but this one is no doubt the best one... I'll be at the CTN expo btw would be really nice to say hi if possible. :-)


Marcos Mateu said...

-Hey Craig, thanks for your comment. I have a few more pages although I don't know if I'll be posting them

-I don't think so 'Chroma', but one can never tell :))
thanks for your visit!

-Thanks Gulzar!

-You are right about the writing Shuku. I hope you get the book soon! we'll see how you can get it signed, we will come up with something

-Thanks a lot for your visit and comment Martin. I'll be at CTN too and it would be nice to meet there for sure

Xavier Yabut said...

Great work!

Unknown said...

I just read through Framed Ink cover to cover. SO GREAT! I've been a huge fan of Dan Milligan for years, and I've always wanted to learn the skills of the great visual story tellers in entertainment today. Your book brought me miles closer to that goal! Please continue producing educational material, as "working pros" write the best books!

(p.s. If you know my friend Jason Sheier, who's at DW, we went to school together. I'm so proud he gets to chill with monsters like you every day!)