Saturday, November 20, 2010


Eyes reading other eyes, ...and going to take action next.


Dawnson said...

I just ordered Framed Ink on amazon, can't wait to get it.

Maripaz Villar said...

¡Qué bueno!

Y la cabecera del blog es... ¡uooooooooooooh!

Jason Scheier said...

super gorgeous drawings good friend!

Laura Braga said...

I love your work Marcos, your inking is really strong, excellent monochrome!
As always my compliments and See u soon...!

craig said...

sweet! love the fisheye effect

LFW said...

dear marcos, I got your book after a friend of mine showed it to me, and I just want to say that I am an instant fan, you have inspired me to continue to just do my work my own unique way, and you have inspired me to do better, I hope that one day I can at least have one tenth of the talent and mastery that I see here in your work on your blog

many thanks and cheers to your skill

your fan


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Dawnson! let me know your thoughts about it if you have the opportunity

-Gracias Maripaz! un saludo

-Thanks Jason!

-Grazie Mille Laura!

-Thanks Craig!

-Thanks a lot Weber. I'm glad you liked it!

Johnny Roqueta said...

Marcos, vaig estar fullejant es teu Framed Ink, i, com sempre... ets insuportable! Fa molta rabia veure un traç tan suelto i precís! Cagondena, tio! Quan el treus per aquí?

Marcos Mateu said...

Rafel, moltes gracies! Tot be per sa roca?
Es llibre al manco de moment, sera sobre tot a base d'Amazon. Se que se distribueix a Europa tambe, pero ja saps com va aixo, avui en dia internet es sa llibreria mes gran del mon :)
Una abraçada i ja me contaras com va tot per Palma. Entre tant, que aneu preparant un bon Nadal!

Brian Churilla said...

Picked up the book at a local book seller yesterday. Composition has always seemed a form of alchemy I a trying to decipher. Thanks for putting it all out there in such a concise, helpful way. Bravo!

What do you use to do your inks? Your lush, organic line work is amazing.

Thank you for the insight and inspiration!!!

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks Brian!
The whole book (99% actually) has been done on a Cintiq... phenomenal tool indeed.