Saturday, January 15, 2011

Going 1700's

Sometimes I wish I had the ability to go back to prior historical periods and see first hand what they -felt- like. In my many years of working as an illustrator and graphic novel artist I had (enjoyed immensely, actually) to dive into reference sources so that I could visualize as accurately as possible how other moments in our history looked like. But that's never enough, it's not only about the visuals but also about being as close as possible to how everything worked, what sort of logistical and circumstantial issues did our ancestors run into not only in their exceptional moments but daily, how things smelled (well, this one might not have been in the top of my list), at what pace things happened, how science, religion, etc influenced the way they lived. All these would have affected how they moved (literally) around regularly.
Anyhow, more on the 'fantasy' side now, here are these two fierce fighters getting down to business and trying to clarify, whatever it is they need to clarify, for good.
Great weekend everyone.


Taylor Krahenbuhl said...

Just awesome...what more can I say, love your work Marcos.

Unknown said...

You compositions and choice of eye level are so stinkin' cool!

Gulzar said...

Its a wonderful thought and so is the illo.
Keep em rollin Marcos :)

Anonymous said...

Té molt de moviment!!

craig said...

to the time machine! I've often thought the little details of history are fascinating. Great post Marcos

Unknown said...

Love it!

Daniel McGowan said...

I love hearing the way you think! And ur book was amazing to say the least! You've really changed the way i see things! Keep being amazing Marcos!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

This is so dynamic! Great stuff!

Gentdarmes said...

Hola Marcos

Com va tot?
Recientment ens han arribat a palma 4 exemplars del teu llibre que vaig demanar a traves de Amazon. Per aprofitar la comanda, ho vaig comentar a Miguel Angel Coll, Chemi que també vos coenixeu, i Julian amb qui encara tinc contacte. Records de tots.

Andrea Pucci said...

I've seen your comic of Megamind! Very beautiful!!! I like it very much!

Marcelo Vignali said...

Hah, wrong or right, the matter will be settled! (Could that be Catalina and her falcon?)

I agree with you Marcos, I love to imagine the nuance of an age. I remember being at the Renaissance Faire years ago, and a stout looking mother in costume became unaware as a performer as she attempted to dust off her young child and sooth her child's crying. And, for a second, it was as authentic a moment that age would have yielded.

david benzal said...

Amazing work!
nice technic...

Se you!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

I totally agree with all you said Marcos. If I had a time machine, I would definitely run to visit the past (never had any interest in how the future will look like actually ;D) the light, the words people would use, the way they gestured, the implications of their actions are just so charming.
Hope you're well my friend!

Tirso Cons said...

Tremendos dibujos cuelgas ultimamente (y siempre), amigo!
Estoy tratandome de agenciar un librito muy chulo de tintas que me han dicho por ahí...
No sabrás algo, verdad? jejej
Un abrazo!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thank you much Taylor!

-Thanks Jeremy

-Thank you Gulzar. I would say I'm definitely intrigued by these things

-Gracies 'Abey'!

-Thank you for the comment Craig

-Thanks Octavio

-Thanks Daniel, I appreciate your line on the book!

-Thanks Megan

-Moltes gracies Rafa! esper que es llibre vos agradi i que el disfruteu en salut!

-Thanks Andrea! that was a cool Dwks project and definitely a team work with Joe Kelly, Griselda, Jason, Iuri amongst others, and Ian and Ben producing.

-That's the kind of stuff I'm talking about Marcelo! thanks for the visit

-Thanks David

-Grazie Mile Alessandra! everything Ok in your part of the world?

-Hola Tirso... creo que se algo de eso...:) Ya me diras que te ha parecido cuando te llegue!
Un abrazo