Monday, January 03, 2011

Voices from the past

So welcome 2011.
And while looking forward to the future, here are some images evocative of other past times. The first three are out of a design job I did in 2004 for 'Ghost' Studios in Denmark, one general view of a ghostly hall and two magnified details. The other one, a 'two character' quick inspirational sketch for 'El Pacifico'.
All the best for this New Year!


Mark Kjærgaard said...

Aha.. since you are doing jobs for a danish company, you should be giving lectures there as well, at The Animation Workshop :) Cool compositions as always!

rad sechrist said...

So nice!

kchertu said...


Quick question for you. I was in an antique store in Annapolis, MD yesterday and saw a limited print (number 62/200). It looked very similar to your work (the store had it labeled as "The Black Cat" and had a woman with a black cat in it), however it was only signed "Marcos". My question is, have you ever only signed your first name, and if so, is this your artwork?

Thank you for your time,

Josh D.

Anonymous said...

Incredible, like always.

Marcos Mateu said...

-There you go Mark, it's an idea...:) Actually I have been a few times in Denmark for work already and always been treated exceptionally well.
I hope you are well and thanks for your comment

-Thanks Rad!

-Hi Josh, a 200 limited print ...I can tell you it's not my artwork, it's gotta be another Marcos.
Thanks for you comment, and I hope 2011 is treating you fantastic.

-Griselda! thanks for the nice comment... 2011 Ok so far?
Talk soon

TREVOR Simonsen said...

You focus light like a sun of a bit..gun

Gulzar said...

Marcos, A very happy new year to your family and you. May your creativity shine more then before :)
Love these ones...
Love from India

abhishek singh said...

very very happy new year to you:)
like always fantastic work ,
next book should be about "layouts" would love to read your thoughts in length on that subject.
btw framed ink has arrived , but my traveling is keeping me away from home , can;t wait to see it:)

Shuku said...

Happy new year, Marcos! Oooooh those are definitely voices from the past and beautiful ones, I might add. Gorgeous architecture. And those two for El Pacifico...why,thy look as if they might be up to no good, don't they?

Jelter said...

I got your book for Christmas and recently started reading it. You did a great job on it, congrats!

Unknown said...

Very Nice!