Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Ok, here is the idea..."

"...These are the tickets to Greece. Once there we go to the beach, any beach...and then, we do the 'CD cover thing', you know, beauty on the front, creative muscle in the middle, and then the percussionist at the very background, looking really absent, like he's so cool he don't need all that".
Anyway, an homage to these nearly extinct CD's. I'm finding it difficult to replace my old (and finally broken down) CD player these days. Not so long ago the choices when it came to this were practically endless, now you are lucky if you find two different models on a sorry shelve at the very en of the store... (no somos nadie, indeed).


paolo_gaspare said...

This is awesome! Great characters and atmosphere.


Raul Avila said...

realmente tienes un dibujo elegante


Shuku said...

And this is what Miss Trouble would do, if she had to get out of trouble in say, Hong Kong.

Keep well Marcos! I keep reading your book over and over again (am trying to practice drawing once more, I really am.)

vitalik shu said...

Love it!!!! very cool ))))

Simon Scales said...

Love the composition and simplicity of this one!!

Fernando García-Sotoca said...

Quines bones composicions.

Aquell ambientat a nes casc antic de palma m'encanta! Realment pots viatjar fins allà.


the dear Zé said...

great stuff in your blog


Jason Scheier said...

amazing drawing as always Marcos! Love it!

Laure Olivesi said...

I am found of your characters! Your graphic treatment is always remarkably effective!
The atmosphere of this picture reminds me some of Hugo Pratt's sketches (I love it ^^)

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thank you Paolo

-Muchas gracias Raul, Igualmente :)

-Thanks Shuku! So good to hear from you, and I'm glad to hear you are keeping yourself so active!

-Thanks Vitalik!

-Thank you Simon!

-Moltes gracies Fernando, ja fa ganes venir per casa despres de tan de temps!

-Muchas gracias Ze!

-Thanks Jason!

-Thank you Pelagia, I did read a lot of Hugo Pratt in my late teens!