Wednesday, June 08, 2011

'Framed Ink' lecture at LAAFA

Hi everyone, this really is a long notice, I will be giving a lecture on composition for visual storytellers based on my book at the Los Angeles Academy of Figurative Art (LAAFA).
It's a great place where I have taught composition classes before, so I hope I'll be seeing you there on December 1st.


Unknown said...

I have a question.
Your book (fram Ink) will be translated in french one day ?

I saw a few pages and it's really interesting. But my englinsh is not good enought to enderstand everything

Marcos Mateu said...

Hi Dimitri, thanks for your visit and comment.
Regarding the french version I have to say... not at this point.

Unknown said...

ok thanks for answer ;)
So I'll exercice my english with your book ^^

chromasketch said...

will this session be taped?

Unknown said...

Wow* I'd love to go to this one!
I hope to be around CA by that time (cross fingers).

Hey, was nice meeting you at the Studio, soy el que se pasó a saludarte con Abrahan hace un mes :)

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Dimitri

-It won't be Brian

-Hombre! ahora te relaciono con tu blog y tus dibujos! A ver si nos vemos para entonces pues.

SalBa Combé said...

Me encantaría asistir pero desgraciadamente tengo un océano por medio que me lo va a poner difícil. Tu blog no deja de sorprenderme y tu dibujo y tu acabado de tinta sigue siendo genial.
Un saludo y hasta pronto

Anonymous said...

Will you be teaching any classes / workshops (aside from the lecture) this summer or fall? By the way, beautiful artwork.

abhishek singh said...

i was teaching a course at a design college here in india and along side i was carrying your book , rather showing it off to everyone as an example of creative brilliance, one student borrowed and refused to let go of the book, he fell in love with it and i had to gift him the book, funny but i can imagine why anyone would want to posses it,Thank god i ordered two copies,THANK you for this lovely book. and do post pictures of your sessions.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Saludos Salba! y gracias por tu visita y comentario

-Hi, I don't think I'll be teaching this summer, although looks like I'll be doing a demo at San Diego Comicon at the LAAFA stand at 11:00 am on July Saturday 23rd, shortly before I go to the design Studio Press to sign 'Framed Inks'

-Hey Abhishek, that's a cool story! thanks for sharing it :)
all the best again

canvas artwork said...

love the work on the website

Anonymous said...

Great book! I just got done reading it but will probably read it again & always use it for reference! I told Chris Stover at DreamWorks to tell you it was a great read! Greetings from Alabama!

anima-base said...

It's great..

Toni Reyna said...

Hola Marcos!
Que bien lo del libro! No lo sabia.
Sin duda me tengo que hacer con uno! un saludo.

Mikel said...

Hola Marcos

Primer de tot el voldria demanar perdo per tot aquest temps que he estat descomunicat, vaig fer un desastre amb les contes del blogspot i finalment ho vaig deixar de banda... Pero ara mirare de mantenir-hi una continuitat.
Per cert, enhorabona per el llibre, es una pasada... Hi ha cada im Encara no m'he fet amb cap exemplar pero no estaré gaire, ja que un llibre sobre un tema tan especific i complicat es una gran ajuda!
Esper que tot vagi be per alla i ja anirem parlant per aqui!

Una abraçada!

Marcos Mateu said...


-Thanks Vic, I sure know Chris btw, are you in the industry as well?

-Thanks AnimaBase

-Hola Tony, estuvo muy bien la comida el otro dia despues de tanto tiempo. Espero que todo te siga yendo muy bien y gracias por el comentario

Louie Escauriaga said...

really love your art!

alfonso blaas said...

Hola Marcos, Soy Alfonso Blaas, hermano de Rodrigo. Ya de vuelta por Granada. Te envío aquí el enlace de mi blog, como quedamos :)

Muchas Gracias por todo.

un abrazo

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Louie

-Un abrazo Alfonso, y gracias por el link, ya lo acabo de anyadir a mi lista.

Patrick Ballesteros said...

Sweet, can't wait to hear the short lecture!

Eduardo Pena Chinorino said...

que gran libro:::: ha sido mi amigo,, y mi guia en el mundo profesional.. gracias por tan exelente referencia. MR MESTRE,, gracias :)

alexis said...

I just got this book and might I say that I'm 110% satisfied with it! You are a wonderful teacher, but more than that your drawings are really a treat to look at and it is worth the price if only to see your work offline. I can't get over how amazing your drawings are!!

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks Patrick, Eduardo, Alexis!