Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Night Time

Three spanish architecture and location studies i did for Puss In Boots long time ago. All night shots. I just felt like going for a quiet night walk somewhere there and wonder about little 'centuries old' streets. Great feeling!


paolo_gaspare said...

Dei veri capolavori!

Unknown said...

these are excellent Marcos!

Andrey Egorov said...

Very beautiful works! Bravo!

Tegan Clancy said...

These are amazing. I loved drawing Spain's architecture myself, you have captured the romance of the structures beautifully. And that yellow light highlighting the landscape is beautiful.

SalBa Combé said...

A eso si que se le puede llamar pintar por mancha. Cuando he visto los thumbnails del post creía que eran fotos, y cuando lo he abierto, Tachán!! Son unos concepts alucinantes O_O
Me matas de la envidia.
Un saldudo y nos vemos por aquí.

samacleod said...


Mauricio Abril said...

Love these! Great nighttime cools and warms

Marcos Mateu said...

-Grazie Paolo!

-Thanks Jon

-Thank you Andre

-Thanks Tegan. The yellow is a quick reference to the 'fiestas' going on in the streets :)

-Gracias SalBa! Los edificios los pinte efectivamente algo mas detallados de lo que es costumbre para mi. Un saludo

-Thanks Sam!

-Thank you Mauricio

Johnny Roqueta said...

Si pogués, t'ho copiaria.

Seguí said...

M'he quedat bocabadat com en SalBa quan he obert els dibuixos. Impressionant!
Jo estava content del que havia fet avui, i no sé si tirar-me per la finestra.

Daniel Ljunggren said...


Maca Rosee said...

Amazing , great atmosphere !!