Sunday, October 20, 2013

CTNX 2013!

Hey everyone, it's CTNX time again! time does fly... I'll be speaking and sharing a panel with two great friends of mine, Marcelo Vignali and Armand Serrano on November 16, Saturday, at 2 pm. The session is titled, "The 3 Amigos: A Collaborative Approach From The Artists Point Of View." We will be talking about collaboration, friendship, respect, teamwork, Surf's Up and of course, "El Pacifico", the online graphic novel we developed for a while in a blog of its own. If you'll be there just don't think twice about stopping by and say hello! Last but not least, here comes a sketch design I did for "Puss in Boots" back in 2008.


Tegan Clancy said...

I can't wait for this talk! And will make sure to thank you in person for creating framed ink!

Marcos Mateu said...

See you there Tegan!

Robbie Erwin said...

Marcos, so glad you are going to be at CTN again this year! See you there!

SalBa Combé said...

El primero es increíble Marcos! Y la página tampoco se queda corta :)
Tan geniales como siempre
Un saludo!

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks Robbie and Salba!


Una doble página impresionante.
Bien dibujada, bien narrada, con fuerza y estilo personal.

"Pacifico" un bonito proyecto.

Un abrazo