Monday, January 15, 2007


-(Radio): "Salga de ahi. AHORA!!!"

-"Estoy en ello!!"

-(Radio): "Vuelva a la entrada principal, nosotros vamos a entrar por alli"

-"Voy a subir al piso de arriba! No tengo otra opcion!!"

-(Radio): "Que?? -NO!!!-"


Shuku said...

EEEEE! Marcos! That is just fantastically creepy in a horror movie/bad nightmare/Fuseli surreal sort of way. It's -wonderful-. I love the tones and shadow - the pale sickly yellowish-green gives the Scary Guy Upstairs a really hideously inhuman look. And the subtle red El Diablo tones make everything look menacing.

Poor, poor Miss Trouble. It really gives a new meaning to the phrase, "Between the frying pan and the fire." AND SHE'S GOING UPSTAIRS. HEE! I have to admit, I was hoping she would...but I'm evil that way. :)


Carlos Ruano said...

Buenas, despues del exceso de las navidades vuelven las rutinas cotidianas, y por supuesto vuelve una nueva página de tu cómic por entregas. Cada vez está mas interesante ¿que habrá en el piso de arriba...?

Ernest Agulló said...

Com diu el Carlos, disposar d'un còmic per entregues,... i gratis!, quan el talent és generós es multiplica. M'encanta com utilitzes el negre.
una abraçada desde La Garriga.

Anonymous said...


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Shuku! (yep you are evil but don't worry, we won't tell anybody...)

-Gracias Carlos. Pues en el piso de arriba? mas turron seguramente!

-Ernest, moltes gracies per la visita altre vegada i esper que el Nadal i Any Nou t'hagin tractat be!

-Thanks Kristian, good having you around!

Anonymous said...

Hola Marcos. ¿Que tal por Los Angeles? Sigo tu cómic por entregas con interés. Es como los folletines antigüos. La tecnología recuperando las tradiciones!
Un abrazo.

Anonymous said...

Hey Marcos and happy new year!:)

Yet another great addition to your awesome comic! Love the action and expressions in this one. Really cool shapes and lines that leads the eye well. Nice moody colors.

All the best and good luck in 2007:)

Take care,


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't like to be this girl... brrrrr ;)

Anonymous said...

hey Marcos. glad to have found your blog - thanks for leading me to it! your work is fantastic! I'll be coming back for more :-)

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracias Gabi, por ahora todo bien.
Como comentaba me lo paso pipa con esta historia improvisada y sin que nadie tenga mas decision sobre ella que yo. Un gustazo!

-Thanks Hans. Well, it is indeed our first contact this year so ...a Happy One for you too!

-Edouard, being the guy who draws her is "too close already"...spooky, I keep telling her "watch out young lady, you are gonna get it one of these days". But she just doesn't care.

-Terry, thanks and a pleasure to see your artwork,

Anonymous said...

Bonissimes vinyetes,punts de vista i moviment,m´encanten.Salutacions!

Mustafa Kandaz said...

your comics still rocks, love the colors and the mood in them panels,
only thing that bothers me are the lettering and the tekst ballons, they take me ayway from the story somehow, still, cool beans! :)

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracies per la visita Alfred, i salutacions!

-Hi Kasap, thanks for your visit and comment.
As far as the text balloons is concerned, my main point is to be as clear as possible, not only through size but also with the position of them in every panel and the whole page in general. I also want to be consistent creating a personal balloon shape for each one of the characters.
Nevertheless it would be interesting for me if you could explain with some detail what is it of them that takes you out of the story.
Thanks again.