Sunday, January 21, 2007


-(Radio): "Dios mio, esto se ha ido a la mierda!"
-"Ahi ha estado acertado!"
-(Radio): "Muy bien pues, ahora busca una pila de cajas de plastico!!!"
-(Radio): "Necesitamos saber si estan en el edificio!"
"Cincuenta cajas con falsos logos de las Naciones Unidas!"
-"Pero como voy a...? Ahora si que estan llevando esto demasiado lejos!!!"


Cocinitas Blogger said...

quant vulguis .. ja saps vens i mengem unes pometas farçides, o un arros negre .. oooo el q tu vulguis , se fer quasi de tot , i si es de la terra encara mes
petons .. m'agrada el q fas ..jeje

Shuku said...

Miss Trouble is -really- living up to her name! I really love the lighting in this, and all the shadows. That 'What??' is priceless. It made me laugh. A LOT.

Now that I think of it, you're right, the story of the Tenor is very Miss Trouble --oh heck, go ahead and use it if you'd like! It's the sort of thing only Miss Trouble and me would get into. I mean, tripping DOWN the stairs. Oy. Though I'd do it well now - I visited the doctor this morning and I'm -drugged- to the gills at the moment, been sleeping for hours. Gah!


Anonymous said...

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Shelly Wan said...

Your Lighting is gorgeous as always! i have a lot to learn from your simpifying Design!


exciting work marcos!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Hebe, si jo estas a Espanya ara mateix venia!

-Shuku, your comments are always an inspiration. I mean it.

-Odiseo, muchas gracias por tu visita, me pasare por tu blog.

-Shellywan, it is an honor coming from you. Thanks.

-Roland, good to have you around again, thanks a lot!

moocurtis said...

Great lighting and mood on this page! thanks for visiting our blog, Marcos, it is nice to find your blog too, love it!