Saturday, June 30, 2007

Really really old stuff

My friend Magdalena (she did my website) recently sent me copies of old stuff I kept in my computer in Spain. So it's memory lane type thing today as I'm reviewing some of it.
Good oportunity to update this (lately) rather slow blog.
One of them is a fashion illustration I did shortly after I arrived in Spain in summer 1999. The other a much older piece, a self portrait I did when I was fifteen, rather saturated and impatient as you can see. The original signature bottom left is a total mess, I remember I didn't want to wait for the painting to dry.
That's the spirit!


Keath said...

Both are fabulous - I absolutely love the first one of the woman!

Julkillo said...

Estoy de acuerdo,el dibujo de la chica es fantástico.Saludos

Mauro Vargas said...

Marcos, gracias por tu comentario, es cierto lo que decís; es como hacer películas, y uno se saca las ganas con el comic!
Saludos, Mauro

Will Finn said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog--you're linked, man! Saw the trailer for the ASTERIX movie, looks fantastic. Nice artwork here too! (the gangsters are very cool!)

Noelle said...

Old, but still cool!

Shuku said...

Marcos! Yay post! The fashion illustration is -beautiful-. I can almost feel the weight to that long mink cape, and the drape of the dress is gorgeous. Like a good, heavy weight silk or matte satin. The folds! They're lovely!

And if that's a self-portrait? You were -cute- at fifteen. *grins* I like the colours!


Marcos Mateu said...

-Keath, thanks for the visit and comment.

-'Julkillo', gracias tambien por la visita y el comentario. España bien estos dias?

-Saludos para ti Mauro!

-Thanks Will, it was really cool to find out about your blog (you are linked too!)

-Thanks Noelle!

-Shuku! Thanks for your -really detailed- comment.
Well, I certainly had some more hair twentynine years ago!

Anonymous said...

Very powerful!! Good grief man....those are beautiful. Great lighting on that dress. It reminds me of when Mucha actually lights his figures. But you have that original Marcos flavoring to spice it up. Great stuff...thanks for posting!!

Maria Escalas Bernat said...

Marcos! Sembles en Becquer, i segur que no som la primera de dir-t'ho.
Calentes motors??? A nosaltres només ens falten 10 dies!!!!

David Alcarria said...

Vaya fenómeno estás hecho!!,

Anonymous said...

Lady in the dress is beautiful .
Older work maybe.....but still very nice .

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks a lot Craig! By the way, great session at Sta Monica he other day!

-Maria, ja estic encalentint motors, pero pot ser haure d'estar al 'ralenti' un poc mes de lo que pensava. Vendre de totes formes.

-Muchas gracias David! estas en Londres veo ahora?

-Simon, thanks for the visit and comment man.

A. Riabovitchev said...

Beautiful really!:o)

Cocinitas Blogger said...

maco molt maco !!! petonets



Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Andrei!

-Hebe, quina menjera que fa es teu blog!

-Mucha, si, veo que sueles citar el nombre del ilustrador... si es asi por supuesto.
Un saludo para ti y gracias por tu visita!

Unknown said...

These paintings are great!! Love the free and loose style!

Barth said...

Just discovered your blog.
The only thing i'd say is waw...

thank for your nice word, and congrats

Ben Mauro said...

whoa, cant believe i have been missing out on all this.

amazing work.

Chensio said...

Heyy! com va tot?

no se que dir, jejej, bonisims els dos!!!


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks very much Alina

-Barth, thanks for your visit. I'll definitely check up on your blog often!

-Thanks for your visit and comment Ben

-Carles! com va la vida? gracies per sa visita i es comentari!

Heidi Smith said...

Wow!!! Amazing work!!

Wendy Pan said...

Hola profe, he vuelto!!
Soy Susana de Palma de Mallorca.
Estaba hablando con los "blasfemadores en el vórtice del universo", del universo de Alex dela Iglesi (q nos regalo con su presencia en la MÍTICA kedada de Madrid) y me he acordado de tu blog.
Escribes poco. Lo demás fantástico como siempre.
Les voy a decir q miren tu blog.


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks for your visit and comment Heidi!

- Susana! donde paras estos dias. Aun sigues sin blog? sigo tu link pero no me lleva a ninguna parte, vaya vaya....
Enviame tu email y te digo cosas?
Un abrazo.