Thursday, June 14, 2007

Custom sketchclub

Sometimes the Friday routine doesn't work, so we decide to get together some other time, as Craig and I did last Saturday.
I guess I could have called this one "shots from the 'Santa Monica Mall'" or something like that.
Anyway, here are three of the sketches I did during that session.
You should check up Craig's (I don't know if he has updated his blog yet, but he did some reeeally cool ones as usual!)


* ShirKa _. said...

O_O venia a donar-te les gràcies per passar-te pel meu blog i... Sorpresaaaa!!! has postejat!!!
ets una màquina, de debò!

A. Riabovitchev said...

ZDOROVO!!!!-russian translation for Awesome.:o)

Keath said...

I love the one you did of the mall fixtures! Great stuff!

Unknown said...

Hey Cool! Is this Santa Monica Place?

Great stuff!

Anonymous said... had to go and make them even more insanely cool by coloring them. Very awesome sketches Marcos!! My only problem is that....well....YOU NEED TO POST MORE!! Hahahaha!

Boris Andreev said...

Yeah! Very good line work!
I love it :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome, inspiring sketches as usual, fantastic stuff!

Sam Nielson said...

Wow! That loose environment sketch is amazing in its effectiveness!

C.Deboda said...

Fantastic as usual, Marcos.

Shuku said...

Marcos! I love the inside of that mall! And the girl, she looks sassy JUST like a certain Miss Trouble...and that guy looks like a character indeed.

LOVELY to see these, more please? :)

Missing in action, I know!

Ernest Agulló said...

sl'sketch de la noia d'esquena es una maravella Marcos, tot i que a les dones no hi ha qui les entengui, tu sembles haver captat tot el misteri de la feminitat amb quater línees.
A la Garriga ja comença a fer calor de veritat....

Marcos Mateu said...

-Laura! moltes gracies. Petons de tornada.

-Andrei, thanks for your visit and comment in O.V.!!

-Thanks Keath

-It is Sta. Monica Place indeed, from the wide area with the "pool". Great place to sketch from! Thanks for your visit Alan.

-Thanks Craig, it was a fun saturday session. See ya soon.

-Thanks Boris.

-Thanks a bunch Andy

-Thanks Sam, trying to tell as much without flooding the page. Inteersting exercise I found!

-Chris, thanks!

-Shuku!! whassup!
Still remember Miss Trouble? I was just thinking of her today, that was a fun time for me.

-Ernest, com sempre la teva visita s'aprecia. Moltes gracies per el teu comentari!

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey Marcos! Nice to see you new amazing sketches! The mall one is deadly, I love how you got the whole ceiling work with just a few lines! And the lady has a great hat indeed. :)
By the way, thanks for your comment, I'm glad you liked the "summer thingies" :D Oh, and I don't know if Armand has already told you, I'll be in LA in August so we may finally meet ;)
Take care!

James Chiang said...

your drawings look effortless...nice

Anonymous said...

Marcos, me encantan tus bocetos!! increible!

Muchos saludos desde Berlin!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Ale, thanks for the visit to my blog!
Armand did in fact mention something a while ago about you coming over, hopefully I'll be around by then!
'talk later

-JC, interesting work yourself, and thanks for the comment

-Torsten, gracias por la visita y el comentario

Unknown said...

Este blog es una pasada tío! Enhorabuena, tendré que añadirlo a mi lista!!

Tirso Cons said...

Qué bien defines con poco condenaooo!
La envidia me corroe :-P

Me encantan los bocetos!

un abrazo!


Emilio Aurelio said...

Sobre todo me gusta el boceto del local. Vaya soltura tienes.

Alfred Llupia said...

Hola Marcos,com anem?bons,bons sketches,segurs i bonics!
Et saludo de nou!!

Mauro Vargas said...

Amazing art! you are a master!
Your blog is really cool!
Greetings from Argentina!

Toni Reyna said...

Hola Marcos como va todo!?
Ya veo que el blog no para , esta genial.
Un saludo.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Muchas gracias Pedro! Aqui un fan tuyo .

-Gracias Tirso. Por cierto, lo ultimo tuyo con Javi, una pasada!!!

-Angulo, sigo tu blog con una asiduidad que pone los pelos de punta. Gracias!

-Alfred, moltes gracies.

-Mauro, muchas gracias por tu visita y comentario!

-Toni, ya estoy contento de tener noticia tuya. Londres que tal? veo en las noticias que esta un poco removido el tema estos dias.
Un saludo!