Friday, September 07, 2007

Have I seen this face before...?

Some characters for a Friday morning post.
(Studies from an old project of mine).


Shuku said...

Oooooooooooooooooh, such -strong- women! The one in the hat looks like she might be one of those Film Noir Secretaries, on her way to work. The redhead looks like the Femme Fatale of the movie; all she needs is a cigarette in a silver holder and a lovely slinky evening gown. The dark girl in the middle - she's a Mysterious One, she could be either a plain typist or she could be an assassin for hire...

More drawings please? *big eyes*

On vacation!

Jed Henry said...

I hear you're off to Dreamworks, senor. Good luck. And great sketches. I love how your color choice strenghtens the vibrant bolness of your linework.

Unknown said...

wonderful stylization.

Anonymous said...


Marcos Mateu said...

-Shuku, you sure have a vision for these things. I like your descriptions a lot!
Enjoy your vacation.

-Jed, thanks for your wishes and your comments.
I've just seen your character sketches, beautiful.

-Thanks Alina.

-Thanks Noclon.