Saturday, September 08, 2007

Heading North

Dreamworks it is now.

It's been really good at Sony in this cycle of over two years now.
As usual in a professional experience of this type one learns a lot from both an artistic and a personal point of view.

The amount of information that one absorbs every day from all the talent around through the eyes is incredible. A true University with capital letters.
Every project that you work on is a new challenge. I find it fascinating since when I develop my own projects I obviously tend to choose the subjects I personally feel more indentified with. When working in a Studio you get to work on things you might have never thought of yourself, and this is the great challenge, the thing that makes you really push your limits everyday. That's the way you evolve beyond expected.

Besides all that, Sketchclub, with Marcelo as the soul of it and 'the usual suspects', regulars or not has been another landmark of these last two years, together with the life drawing sessions Sony set up for us with Karl there to make it a fun and true learning experience.

Working at Dreamworks will mean another great chance for me to keep in this line, a Studio from which I have a great memory and sure keep many good friends at from the early 'epic' times.

Thanks again all of you guys at the vis dev dept. and outside of it at Sony (I'd rather not get started with a list, it would make this post way too long!) and I'll see you soon.


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Yay! Congratulations on your new job Marcos, I'm sure you're going to add some more class to the studio ;)

Good luck and see you soon!

Mark Behm said...

Congrats! I don't suppose you're coming ALL the way up north to PDI are you?

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Ale, I'll see ya soon!

-Thanks Mark, I'll be in Glendale actually, are you at PDI?

Mark Behm said...

Ah well. Yes, I'm up north north at PDI. Have fun down there. LOTS of cool projects brewing for you to play with!

Mauro Vargas said...

Marcos felicitaciones, trabajar ahí! La verdad te envidio! jaja!
Sos supertalentoso, y ya entiendo que no son tontos al contratar gente.
Un saludo grande!

Armand Serrano said...

All the best, my friend. The "voice" of my conscience will be greatly missed. See you at the valley.

Tirso Cons said...

Enhorabuena Marcos!

Que sea lo más ilusionante posible y que todo salga bien.

un abrazo!


sabina said...

Enhorabuena Marcos !

Espero que disfrutes mucho en Dreamworks.

Enhorabuena a ellos tambien por que van a contar con tu talento.


Wendy Pan said...

Ey, Marcos !
Te vuelves pa la Dreamworks, enhoraboina!!
No se exactamente que era lo que hacías, pero seguro que en la mini-ciudad de los sueños será más y mejor...., anda que no te habrán hechau de menos ni na

Besos desde la isla de Neverland

alberto mielgo said...

Great News!!
Disfruta tanto como pareces disfrutar en SOny.
Un abrazo

Ernest Agulló said...

Ostres Mateu, feia temps que no em passaba per aqui. Com sempre ha estat un plaer. He disfrutat especialment amb els sketchos b/n, mai hagués imaginat que tanta síntesis m'emocionés tan. Dia gris a La Garriga. ah! i felicitats per la nova feina.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Muchas gracias Mauro!

-Thanks Armand ("your conscience" said)

-Tirso! contento de oir de ti. Muchas gracias y otro abrazo.

-Sabina! que pasa por la gran manzana? Gracias por el comentario. Hablamos.

-Susana, gracias por las 'vibraciones' poitivas!

-Gracias Alberto, la verdad es que son dos equipos fantasticos, me lo he pasado muy bien aqui igual que me ilusiona volver a Dwks. Un saludo.

-Hei Ernest, moltes gracies... i ara mateix me paso per el teu blog!

Motxuel said...

ieeeeu!!! a q no saps qui som? som un pupil teu que mos vares abandonar per uns punyeteros pingüinos! endever! Molt xula sa peli (era aqueixa no?). Just ara m'he estrenat un blog d'aquests a mem si me va tant bé com a tú... de moment, estic pendent d'aprovar 2n d'il·lustració x setembre... tot depèn den florent. Si mostres una mica d'interés te desvelaré qui som, si es q no ho saps ja o si es q t'interessa ^^, gràcies per tot lo q mos has ensenyat mestre. Salutacions des de l'illa de la calma!

Enhorabona per la nova feina, estic un poc desubicat d'on eres i on te'n vas i a fer què, però segur que en breu mos ho mostraràs

Kcirbuk said...

Hola tio, parece que te ha salido un curro guapo, si és así, te felicito.

Un abrazo!!

Paco K.

Guillaume Bonamy said...

Hi Marcos,

You are back to dreamworks!!! Is it because they want you to rework some sequences of POE for the DVD special edition; you know, the sequence when the guy with the barbe is back after many years and sayed:
"let my people go!"
YES MARCOS, you are a god for us!!!!

jakolobo said...

Espero que esta buena noticia de tu nuevo trabajo no signifique que nos vayas a privar de tu talento y portentoso trazo. Saludos desde Barcelona y felicidades!.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Victor, ara te conec.

-Paco, muchas gracias!

-Hey Guillaume. mmm... that's an idea!

-Jako! gracias y estare aqui posteando como todos me imagino!


Congrats and Best wishes Marcos!

Mauro Vargas said...

Muchas gracias por tus palabras en mi blog Marcos!
No necesitan a alguien que haga un buen café en dreamworks? jaja

A. Riabovitchev said...

Great news!Congratulations!:0)

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks guys.

Seguí said...

Enhorabona Marcos! Ja ens tindràs al corrent de què fan els teus llàpissos òptics =)
Records al Spielberg!

Will Finn said...

hey marcos, looks like we missed each other by a few months. next time i visit the glendale campus tho, i will look for you. best on the new job...