Friday, September 28, 2007

Three Shots

They are all from the second half of the nineties.
-First comes a close view of the Casino in Catalina Island taken during a memorable trip with my friends Uriel, Tanja and Ludo.
Boy that was fun, the peak of it being our onstage karaoke life performance at a Restaurant where we had dinner one night (¨singing in the rain¨was the object of our musical fury).
-The second one I took back home in Spain around 9:00 am on a beautiful summer morning.
-Zabriskie Point is one of the most beautiful spots in Death valley CA which, at the same time is in my opinion, together with Monument Valley, the most impressive natural sight my eyes have ever seen so far.


MOL said...

Genial trabajo, me encanta el trazo energico y contundente de tus dibujos, a hace tiempo me pusite un comentario en mi blog y si, son acuarelas.
Muchas gracias un saludo!!!!!

Shuku said...

MARCOS! Yay, are you still in Spain? Catalina Island - now that's one I'll remember given your pirate girl is called Catalina and so is my computer!

Those are such lovely pictures. I look forward to seeing more; hope you're enjoying yourself tremendously (and eat more paella, ya...)

Last show tomorrow!

Stephen Hanson said...

Hi Marcos
Remember me?Long time !!I've just descovered this blog thing and was delighted to see you linked to Luc's site so thought i'd say hello and drop you my link. hope you are keeping well.
all the best

Stephen Hanson said...

Hi Marcos
A quick question, I'm having trouble adding links to my page, have you encountered similar problems and do you have any easy solutions, it's driving me nuts.
Cheers Steve

A. Riabovitchev said...

Fantastic shots!!!!:o)

Maria Escalas Bernat said...

Marcooooos!!!! No donis pistes del paradís! envia'ls tots a S'Arenal!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Jose, muy muy bueno lo tuyo. Y gracias por el comentario!

-Shukuuu! still in Spain. Yes.
Catalina is da word huh? I´m glad you called your pc after the character, that was nice.
I ate paella once already (my mum's I have to say, isn´t it always the best?) I'm glad I still had time to visit this year too.

-Stephen, thanks for your visit. I´ve seen you blog. Very nice!! I´ll link you here.
As far as your question is concerned, Armand told me how to do this long ago. It´s easy but complicated to explain in writing, and I honestly doubt I could do a clear job out of it. Please try with someone around you and If you can't, email me at and we can contact via skype from there. That would be more realistic.

-Andrei, always good to hear from you. Thanks!

-Maria! fixat que he generalitzat tot lo que he pogut! es que hi ha que anar mes viuuus. (pssssst...)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Marcos
I'll try and sort the skype thing out anyway, it would be nice to chat. I've finally sorted the links problem. Cheers

Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

Great pictures Marcos ! Do you work on them with Photoshop first or are they "natural" ?

Marcos Mateu said...

-Stephen, that´s good news.

-Thanks Edouard, the one in Catalina and the one in Death Valley were bit touched up. The one in Spain wasn´t.

Pepe Sanchez said...

joder!! La ultima no parece real. Impresionante.



* ShirKa _. said...

Marcos, com sempre, impecable! facis el que facis^^
I siii ja va de bo de boooo que l´estrenem jaaaaaaa
Dissabte 6 al festival de Siges és la preestrena.. si estàs per barcelona... ;D
Una abraçada

Todd Harris said...

Great work, really nice blog you have here Marcos!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous. Makes me want to pack my bags, get out of the concrete jungle and into the real one. Hope you are having an awesome vacation.


Wendy Pan said...

Jo, Marcos !
Tengo la peor puntería del mundo.
Soy un caso perdido...

En cualquier caso, si te apetece, echale un vistazo al blog de mi amigo JASete, hace cortos, normalmente de animación 3D. Yo creo que tiene estilo:

Marcos Mateu said...

-Pepe! Death valley no parece real. Cuando fui alli por primera vez tuve una sensacion de estar "sobre el planeta tierra" como no habia tenido nunca antes. Podia imaginar perfectamente una manada de dinosaurios saliendo de dtras de aquellas formaciones rocosas!
Un saludo.

-Laura (Shirka? quin misteri es aquest?...) Gracies i molta sort amb la peli, si li fan justicia pareix que ha de tenir molt d'exit! Realment me fa moltes ganes de veure encara que crec que haura de ser en dvd.

-Thanks a bunch Todd

-Thanks Craig, I'll see ya soon!

-Susana, perdido perdido. Mirare el blog a ver que tal.

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Ciao bello! I didn't know you were in Spain, I thought you were just moving.. :) Great shots by the way!
Hope all is well there and thanks again for that day in LA!
Well enjoy your sunshine, I'll do the same in my beloved Italiaaa ;D
Speak to you soon!

Michael said...

Enjoy dreamsville, Marcos, and Good Luck!

Jas said...

Hola Marcos, acabo de fichar tu blog, vía Wendy Pan y me está gustando mucho tu trabajo. Me lo iré mirando poco a poco porque aquí hay tomate...y del bueno.
Como te comentaba Wendy, acabamos de subir a la red nuestra última creación, os invito a tod@s a que le echéis un ojo...

Por fin "Substantia" en la red

Dejad que vuestros sentidos se desaten durante los 5 min. que dura y si os gusta, ya sabéis...comentad ;-)

Un blogabrazo Marcos, te sigo la pista ;-)

Noelle said...

so beautiful!!

Alfred Llupia said...

Hola Marcos!fotos molt interessants senyor!gran treball de figura humana mes abaix,encara que no hagi escrit res fa temps,segueixo la teva emprenta en vinyetes.Salut!

Daniela Vetro said...

Thank for your visit and your comment on my blog!
Yes,I worked on thath book for three years ,during the leisure time, up to when I was eighteen years old.
I'll check your blog up regularly too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marcos,
I've not found your email, then I leave you a message on your blog. I come, Christophe Bec, French author of comic books (Sanctum, Bunker, Carthago, Pandémonium, etc.) and also guiding of collection to the publisher Soleil.
I have just thrown a collection concept named Haunted, constituted of one-shots, having as topic of the indeed existent haunted places everywhere in the world. A very good scriptwriter, Stephane Betbeder (L'Aliéné, Sanctuaire Reminded, Bunker, etc. ) wrote a script having as topic the graveyard of London of Highgate. It could try you to accomplish an album in France ? I can get you rather fast a script of the scenario. Here is a mail where to contact me:
Christophe Bec

alberto mielgo said...

Que susto, antes de leer todo creía que eran fotos que habías sacado por la zona que rodea tu nuevo curro. Iba a ir a matarte!
Espero que estés pasándolo teta.
Las fotos son geniales. Me quiero ir a vivir a las Baleares.

Lena said...

A beautiful composition!

Paul Lasaine said...


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey Marcos, i hope you are still on vacation and not covered by tons of empty cardboard boxes (as we were a few days ago), I'm starting to be worried ;)

Wendy Pan said...

Tanto te están durando las mudanzas, aiiins
qué abandonadillos nos tienes

...anda payo mírate el corto de JAS, que stá mu bien!!

bunyols desde Palma

Marcos Mateu said...

-Ale, good to know you guys are getting installed and ready to get on witk your 'new life'. I've been on vacation AND covered by a thousand cardboard boxes AND really busy since I started at my new job.
I also have a bunch of unanswered emails from friends so I'd better get up to speed and start wrting!

-Thanks a lot Mike. I've just visited your site again. As interesting as ever.

-Jas, si lees la primera respuesta en este post veras que aun no me he puesto a ver tu corto, que lo voy a hacer, pero que con el tiempo tan escaso que me queda ultimamente son demasiadas cosas ya que estoy postponiendo.
Sera pronto de todas formas! Un saludo.

-Thanks Noelle, some landscapes are indeed like paintings already there just waiting for the click of a camera.

-Gracies Alfred, ja estic content de rebre noticies teves. Esper que tot vagi be per Londres!

-Daniela, thanks for the comment, I've just seen your three comic pages. Very nice!

-Christophe, still busy at work and everywhere else! Sorry I haven't come back to you yet but I will.

-Alberto, dos de las fotos son de California (Catalina Island y Death Valley), de modo que puede peligrar 'indeed' !!
Un saludo para Inglaterra.

-Thanks Lena.

-Yo Paul!

-Ale y Susana I kinda answered you both in this post already.
I'll keep in touch.

Mike Hernandez said...

Wow Marcos, nice photos. You lived
near that beach? My fave is the Death Valley piece.