Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sweet Nostalgia (Updated!)

-Scouting around in the 'drawers' of my computer I run into these three.
I thought it would be cool to compose them together as they are the three stages (not stooges) of page 19 of old Mrs youknowwhat's adventures.

-By the way, around the time I was publishing my graphic novel in this blog we went one day on a sketchclub session, and guess who was there eating at the restaurant. That young lady looked so much like the character in the comic I couldn't believe it.

-YES. Even nostalgia can be updated.
As Shuku was mentioning in her comment about 'El Diablo's" italian shoes, here is another key moment in what happened 'that night in and around Hollywood' (©) to our young and daring friend... entering the "Palm Reading" shop.


Shuku said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Miss Trouble! Marcos, it's just lovely to see her again. I miss her you know! And the stages are lovely to watch - gives a better idea of the process behind her and to watch her come to life...mmm, -lovely-. Nostalgia, absolutely!

See, you even had a real life Miss Trouble to look at in Sketchclub - I wonder if there's an El Diablo running around with nice expensive shoes...

Missing Miss Trouble!

PuMpKiN said...

nice skethes man, be sure this is one of my favourite' blogs.

Jamal O said...


Quite effective Marcos.
I really feel the weight of the command "your hands please?"
Thanks to the last panel with the intimidating eyes

Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Marcos, I hope you kept all of your first pass versions of the comic and will post them some day. That rough page is just gorgeous, so expressive! The guy in shadow is even scarier than in the final stage.

George Fuentes said...

great work man i really enjoy your blog!

Gracia said...

Wow! ¿Es que todo lo haces bien? el comic tambien? y encima haces que parezca facil, casi como rough, que te ha salido solo en un par de minutos... dime que no sabes cocinar, o planchar, o algo... jajaja! que chulo, man! :)

Miguel Martín said...

Ya no se ni que decir, me encantan, sobre todo los apuntes sueltos.
Y los juegos con los amarillos muy efectistas, una pasada.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Wonderful, I really enjoyed this graphic novel of yours. Your work never ceases to inspire me ... composition, design, color, ink...YOU the man! And, you can sing karaoke!

Unknown said...

Me gusta especialmente el segundo, aun sin dar color, tienes una tinta tan potente que en blanco y negro es como mejor se ve.
Por cierto el post anterioir es buenisimo, el de las locomotoras

Marcos Mateu said...

-Shuku! I knew you would like this one!
As far as the process is concerned, I believe this page was the most elaborate one. Usually I did a quick pencil thumbnail and then do the ink business on my sketchpad.
As I mentioned a few times I came up with this comic story to be "free again" so I tried to avoid too many steps and constrains.

-Thanks a bunch 'Pumpkin'!

-Thanks Jamal, that was quite a turn in the events, I tried to make sure the whole mood, light, color, would be up to express that as much as I could.

-Ale! your question about the 'first pass' is answered in the first paragraph. Interesting point about the 'scarier' guy, although I "mellowed" the face down a bit in the final version because he is supposed to be one of the good guys, otherwise the entrance with 'El Diablo' would have lost power.
Good hearing from you! Hope all is well in Torino!

-Thanks Georges!

-Stranded! Muchas gracias por la visita y el comentario!

-Muchas gracias Miguel, como comentaba antes, en este punto de la historia las cosas cambiaban y entrabamos en una nueva zona de peligro y una situacion mas bien surrealista.

-Marcelo! Thank you very much! (What? me karaoke? me?? never heard of that!)

-Muchas gracias Guillermo, encantado de tu visita!

Unknown said...

Wow very beautiful! Everyone of these pieces! I love the one at the bottom with the two women ... its amazing!

Jörn said...

The picture with the girls back is so great man. You have a fantastic feeling for composition.

flaviano said...

woah! i really like the mood, the orange in the first panel goes out of the page!

Helen Chen said...

Oh man, there's so much energy and confidence in your inks. I love the quick life drawing, it's got so much charisma.

Anonymous said...

como estaS?
muy bueno tus trabajos ! mer gusta mucho

voy a seguir pasando

Todd Oman said...

Really nice work here Marcos, it is always great to find a blog like this.

Anonymous said...

Im so happy you posted these. Its nice to see your process from beginning to end.

Great work as usual!! I cant wait to see the full story in book form.

David Colman said...

the train sketches are awesome,,,..did you color them out in the field, on location, or after..@ home

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks a bunch Sarita!

-Joern, thanks for the visit and comment.
About the girl, I -had- to draw her, she was so much like the main character in my story it was actually funny.

-Cheers Flaviano, it was a moment of 'emotional impact' in the story, I needed to do something radical with it visually as well!

-Helen, thanks for the comment.
I hadn't inked in many years by then and it was a blast to get 'in touch' with it again...

-Don Pablo, gracias por el comentario.

-Thanks a lot Todd, I'm happy I found your blog too!

-Het Craig, the idea is quite solid in my head, I just need the time and the energy sometimes.
See ya soon.

-Thanks David! the color was done at home afterwords, just to give an extra hint of life to it.

Lovelace said...

Fantastic work! love your style!

Tobias Schwarz said...

yes, great! thanks for posting these!

George Cwirko-Godycki said...

your drawings are so slick, i love it, that drawing of the girl is so nice

adriana juárez said...

you are amazing!!!!!!!!! Primera vez que entro en tu blog, vaya, es una explosión de talento...congratulations!!!

Unknown said...

like so much your visual concept and the colours,nices works

Anonymous said...

wow Marcos, this whole blog is stunning I love the one value sketches finished up in PS. Super nice.

robi pena said...

Hola Marcos!! Como siempre excelente amigo!! Por cierto tienes publicado algun libro que pueda encontrar por la parte Suiza? Saludos amigoy gracias!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Hey Lovelace, thanks for the comment

-Thanks Tobias

-Thanks George, I'm a regular visitor of your page now

-Gracias Adriana, que tal esplendida Granada?

-Gracias por la visita Javier, ya nos contaras que tal por Madrid.

-Thanks for the visit and comment Noah

-Robi! gracias por la visita. De momento no hay libro, estoy en ello... lo tienes tu? Seria una buena noticia

Chris Bivins said...

Cool stuff man. I really like these pages. I hope to see more stuff from your graphic novel.


The Wrist said...

WOW love that story with the line work and colour!

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks guys,
I might be putting it together on a book with some other works sometime...

BEN said...

Thanks for sharing the passage from the layout!!
Great work, great blog as usual!
love the contrast and the aggressive tone in the first panel!

laurentg said...

Very good work !
I like it :o)

sorry my english is very bad...