Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Trains, trains and automobiles

Automotive sketchclub we had yesterday with Marcelo, Noelle and Craig (Grace and Gloria too as guest stars!!).
It was a beautiful day outside so we headed for 'Travel Town' at Griffith's Park and I have to say it's been one of my most exciting sketchlubs to date!


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Wow, first one this time :)
Really love these sketches Marcos. You got the point with very few strokes, and the third one is very atmospheric, great composition!

Miguel Martín said...

Me encanta el trazo suelto y firme, transmite una seguridad envidiable. Enhorabuena!

Anonymous said...

Muy bueno hermano!! Color adds so much to already beautiful drawings.

Chris Bivins said...

Man these train studies are really cool. Is this for a future project?


Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

Woul love to see more of what you draw during this day. Make me remind of a sort of muséum I visited while I was in California with a lot of trains and cars. But I can't remember where it was exactly...Getting old ! ;)

Shuku said...

Marcos! EEEEEEE, these are so...so...solidly mechanical, they're gorgeous! I continue to be just amazed at how much you can convey in such few simple inkstrokes. I swear, no matter how much I try, I could never do it. You rock!

The lines are so...solid. I can almost feel the weight of 'em. And, just for you, because that's what came to mind when I saw the sketches:

"Maybe one day we gonna catch some train like that too, Benny. Right off into that blue yonder thar."

"Wonder where it goes...y'think, like Sister sez, it takes you where th'rainbows live?" Tow-headed Benny, chewing earnestly on a stalk of grass, ragged britches and loose shirt, grubby as an urchin and always solemnly happy.

"Dunno. Wanna go find out one day?"

Never thought he'd go first that year, when the typhoid came.

Benny Saunders, Lord.

robi pena said...

Muy bueno, si señor!! Buenisimo ese trazo!! Un abrazo amigo!

Miki Montlló said...

Muchas gracias por tu comentario, y tienes razón, debería apreciarse el esfuerzo (al menos estético) hecho en la película.
Un saludo!

PD: De tus trabajos solo te diré que me parecen acojonantes.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Ale. I hadn't inked in years and it was exploring inking options for my online comic book what made me feel comfortable about it again.

-Muchas gracias Miguel!

-Hey Craig, thanks! I saw you posted your sketches already too. Cool.

-Thanks Chris.
They are not related to any project, just fun at 'Travel Town'!

-Mercy for the visit Edouard. I'll see if I can post up some more stuff from that day!

-Hey Shuku, thanks! You always add up to this blog with your artistic - poetic comments!

-Muchas gracias Robi, un abrazo para ti tambien!

-Moltes gracies Miquel! Esperam a cuan surti 'Nocturna' en dvd

Unknown said...

Awesome stuff; travel town is so cool its hard not to get inspired. I’m curious as to what you did these on?

Wendy Pan said...

Como siempre, fantásticos dibujos, mencanta!!

Y, como siempre, esas sombras maravillosas que le dan vida a todo lo que tocan.


PD: me ha costado "un poco" recuperarme del pre-estreno de la pelicula, estuvimos como un mes todos en estado de shock. Alex es tan fantástico que nos invitó a los 20 a la proyección y a la fiesta (es un bendito y un realizador maravilloso). Creo que la estrenan en EEUU ;)

Unknown said...

I love trains. I even have an iron horse clock (sounds different trains sounds on the hour). You`ve captured the strength as well as the craftsmanship of these beauties.

Anonymous said...

That's it ! I'm sending the finger breaking squad your way .

These are great . Dynamic and raw .
Love the shapes and the way they are composed . Great stuff altogether !

Cheers .

Boris Andreev said...

Yeah, Marcos... These are "simple" and great! I love it :)

Rustam F. Hasanov said...

Very Impressive Mr. Mateu. I especially enjoy your linework and the way you choose and organize black and white shapes

Oscar Grillo said...

Por un par de dias no pude abrir tu blog (!?!?!?) Ahora puedo y me deleito con el. Un abrazo, Marcos.

Juampa said...


El sintetismo que alcanzas en trus trabajos es envidiable.

Eres un auténtico maestro.


Marcos Mateu said...

- Thanks for the comment Leighton.
I agree this is a nice place to visit, these machines are really fascinating, strong, beautiful and having played such an important role in history, couldn't ask for more.
I did them on a 'Cachet' sketchbook with a 'super twin tip' Sharpie (these guys are my best friends!)

-'Wendy'! que tal. Gracias por la visita
Y ya me pasaras el parte de ese pre-estreno! Todo bien?

-Thanks John, sounds like you know these fellows quite well. I understand if you get into them you possibly do get very passionate about it! Needless to say, the importance and influence of them specially here in the U.S. has always been huge.

-Simon, there's someone knocking on my door, who could these guys be?
Thanks for the visit and comment buddy!

-Thanks a lot Boris

-Thanks Baklazhan. I do have a passion for line drawing but the more it goes the more I try to draw as if I painted, working out the masses of light and dark rather than paying attention to the 'surrounding' lines of the objects.

-Muchas Gracias por la visita Oscar! Siempre un placer oir hablar del maestro.
Un saludo!

-Muchas gracias Juampa!
Un abrazo.

Boris Andreev said...

Hey Marcos,
I tried to answer your question at my blog page, btw...

Have a good weekend!

EL GRANDE said...

Marcos, great work. What is travel town? I've seen a few artists make reference to it now. It seems like a wonderful place to draw.

Joe y Elio

ABerrocaL said...

Geniales los trazos y mucho más el tratamiento del color que les has dado.
Me gustan especialmente los apuntes de figuras a tinta.
Muchas gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Marcos, this work is simply beautiful. Noelle and I were joking about how as soon as you had gotten there, you had already knocked out five drawings before we could get our sketchbooks open.

These sketches are amazing, I could tell you were really having a good time.

John laoi said...

Hi Marcos,
Thank you very much, I love your work, I like the strong drawing with the added bonus of great color
very strong stuff..!
best wishes
I must link you Marcos !


Fernando García-Sotoca said...

bones marcos. quines linies i contrast. impresionant.

Maria Escalas Bernat said...

Mentre esperam la ciber-R; t'envïi un meme.
Mem si el segueixes!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Boris.

-Joe y Elio, Travel Town is a sort of open air, free 'Train Museum' around the 'Gene Autry' Zoo" area in Griffith Park, L.A.
It sure is a cool place to sketch around.

-Gracias Berrocal, un saludo!

-Hey thanks Marcelo, that was a fun morning, and thanks for the suggestion / invitation!
Once I saw the first train I couldn't stop, these fellows are powerful sources of inspiration!

-Thanks a bunch John!
Seen your blog too. Your stuff is very atmospheric, really cool.

-Moltes gracies Fernando. Salutacions!

-Maria! ja estic ansios de veure aixo de que me parles... (misteri, misteri)

Miquel said...

Hola Marcos, me sap greu no haver-te dit res des de fa molta estona pero es que amb s'escola estic molt enfeinat... I avui e aprofitat un moment que no se me penja s'internet per passar a saludar-te. Ja fa un parell de dies que intent conectar amb tu per s'skype, pero encara no em coincidit, be, ja mos toparem cuolque dia, esper..
I res, nomes dirte que m'agraden molt aquests trens que has penjat i volia tambe enviarte records des de Mallorca. Adew.

Mark McDonnell said...

Nice, you have such a beautiful graphic yet three dimensional quality to your work. I hope you are well and enjoying your new sandbox on the other side of the hill,


sophan said...


Gracia said...

Hala! Que bonitos Marcos!! el trazo me encanta... Que chulo es el que se ve solo la máquina, sin fondo ni nada... mola un monton, y los otros tambien, claro :) Lo coloreaste alli tambien con rotus o es digital despues? Sea como sea te queda genial. Bsos

Wayne Porter said...

beautiful stuff here!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracies Miquel.

-Thanks Mark

-Thanks Sophan, same back to you!

-Muy amable Gracia! El color es digital... una vez en casa escanee los dibujos y les di algo de color con Photoshop.

-Thanks a bunch Wayne!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Lovely sketches!:o)

Jared Shear said...

Nicely done Marcos!.....beautiful command of line, colors, etc....you make me want to take up sketchbook and pen in hand.

Philippe Gaulier said...

Very interesting and dynamic drawings. Your strokes are spot on on these trains. I am looking forward to see more of that sort of thing.