Monday, May 19, 2008

I just got this one today.


Call to Action
Last Thursday the Senate Judiciary Committee endorsed their Orphan Works Act.
It is now headed for the full Senate.

If you’ve written before, now’s the time to write again.
Urge your senator to oppose this bill.

Because it has been negotiated behind closed doors, introduced on short notice and fast-tracked for imminent passage without open hearings, ask that this bill not be passed until it can be exposed to an open, informed and transparent public debate.

We’ve drafted a special letter for this purpose.
You can deep link to it here:
Contact your Senator in opposition to S.2913 NOW

The House Judiciary Committee is considering H.R. 5889, the companion bill now. Please write them again:
Contact your Congressman in opposition to H.R. 5889 NOW

2 minutes is all it takes to write your senator and representatives and fight for your copyrights. Over 68,000 e-mail messages have been sent so far.

Don't Let Congress Orphan Your Work

Please forward this message to every artist you know.

If you received our mail as a forwarded message, and wish to be added to our mailing list, email us at:
Place "Add Name" in the subject line, and provide your name and the email address you want used in the message area.


Alessandra Sorrentino said...

Hey there Marcos, thank you for spreading the word! How's it going man? Hope all is well in sunny LA :)
Take care!

jakolobo said...

Hola Marcos. ¿¿Quiere esto decir que tendremos que poner marcas de agua a todos los archivos de imagen para evitar males mayores?? Lo paradójico es que quien puede lucrarse robando ideas e imágenes es precisamente la gente a la que no va dirigida la filosofia de los blogs. Si Dios es justo los dejará ciegos pero que haya una ley que les apoye en sus abusos me parece demasiado. Un saludo.

Sergio Melero said...

Marcos, me ha gustado mucho tu blog, me pareces un fantástico ilustrador. Visitaré amenudo este sitio.

Anonymous said...

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j'aimerait vraiment avoir ton talent bravo ton blog déchir grave pourrait tu me donné des petit conseil pour savoir un peut déssiné?
en espérant avoir une réponse de ta par
je te dit a bientot j'espere?

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Marcos Mateu said...

-Hi Ale, thanks for your comment. The way I feel about this is that a time of rich, inspiring, motivating interchange of art and ideas is coming quickly to an end.
Not too long ago I mentioned to somebody that one of the biggest difference of growing up in the 60's 70's and now is that with internet and blogs we had access to a whole lot of artistic and cultural information that wasn't available before. Years ago one only knew of Leonardo, Velazquez and Frazzetta. After getting to know that there's -a lot more- on this planet than this, now the curtain is pulled again. And back we go.

-Jacobo, como estas. Pues mira, a la respuesta para Ale me remito, y que sepas que por lo que he oido en wikipedia estan pensando hacer lo mismo a nivel europeo.

-Muchas gracias Sergio.

- Sorry anonymous, I can't read french, but thanks for your visit.

Oscar Grillo said...

If the Americans (Mosanto?) were able to copyright oxygen, they'll charge you for breathing.