Sunday, December 14, 2008

It's the Gauls turn (© M6 & A-Film) + Tagging update

Like I mentioned, 85% of the work I did for this Film was design around the Vikings and their locations, although I also got to do a lot of key layout for the whole movie, that included both viking -and- gaul locations.
So her are two "village" shots and a "surrounding forest" one.

I was tagged by 'Shuku' ( recently.
I'm supposed to list 7 random facts about me and tag another 7 people along (I'll only comply to the first part, I'm way too shy for the second!)
-Born in an Island.
-gimme summer time, any time.
-First life action movie I ever saw; "20.000 leagues under the sea"
-Love snorkeling
-'Paris, Texas', what a movie (and let's not forget about 'Stranger than Paradise"!).
-Blessed by being passionate at the healthy activity of drawing and telling stories.
-It was good to be raised bilingual, makes you see there is always more than one view on the same issue.

(thanks Shuku)


Dominic Bugatto said...

Lovely work.

Armand Serrano said...

Fantastic layouts, Marcos.

Don't you miss doing these? Every now and then, I would miss the challenge of doing 2D layouts and make the shots work with the limitations of the 2D camera. Anyway, have a great Christmas to you and hopefully I'll see you soon!

A. Riabovitchev said...

Really beautiful work Marcos!:o)

Shuku said...

Marcos these are gorgeous! The middle village shot takes me right back to scenes from the Asterix books where they always hold their village feasts. Beautiful, just the thing I needed to get through an insane day today.


SalBa Combé said...

Cada vez que entro en tu blog me entran ganas de guardar los lápices para siempre. No se a quien le habrás vendidio tu alma para dibujar así pero si todavía tienes su número...
¿te importaría pasarmelo?

Un saludo y por favor, sigue asombrandonos con cosas así

Douglas Ferreira said...

Hi Marcos!thanks a lot for the visit and comments on my blog!One of this keys(the forest one) was framed on the studio wall during our Asterix days!By the way,I have the brazilian edition of a book from the film,that tells the whole story with the use of frames,and in the last 16 pages,there is a lot of of your key layouts for the viking's house and etc(no doubts about those,they have signature!).There is also some model sheets with comments and draw overs by Uderzo himself,perhaps you have the american version of this book?If you can,Keep posting your Asterix stuff!Best wishes!

Miguel Valderrama said...

Vaya! Que buen trabajo de layout, en mi opinion es de las partes mas interesantes y dificiles de la produccion de una peli, y tu asombras con cada boceto. Por cierto, no hacias nada del color?
Muchisimas gracias por pasarte por mi blog y dejarme esas palabras.

C.B. Canga said...

freaking awesome job

DJ Zutkovic said...

Fantastic shots all around! You background work is great! Brilliant work man!

Unknown said...

Años despues coincidimos en otra peli, y como la primera vez, me GUSTA MUCHO lo que hicistes.


Rotebor said...

Estimado MARCOS:
Por lo que puedo captar, estás completamente absorbido por tu trabajo de animación.
Aparte, tus dibujos de caballos son fenomenales, y ese boceto con el moloso tiene una soltura magistral.

Agradezco y retribuyo tus buenos augurios para estas fiestas.

Edouard Chevais-Deighton said...

I'm totally impressed by your faculties of composition !

Will Finn said...

these are so cool. i wish i could see this project somewhere--it looked like the best animated Asterix yet done.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Dominic

-Yes Armand, I do miss those times sometimes, like you say there was a lot of specially creative work given the constrains of a 2D world.
Best wishes to you as well!

-Thanks Andrei

-Thanks Shuku, you are right, memorable moments in that village square! and lots of 'fish fighting' as well!

-Salba, muchas gracias por tu comentario! supongo que tendria que pasarte los telefonos de mi familia y de cada dibujante en el que me ido inspirando! Ya sabemos todos como es eso, nunca te paras de observar y aprender.
Un saludo y Feliz Navidad!

-Thanks Douglas, I do have a copy of this book in english, it is an interesting one and I was lucky to get some stuff there as you mention.
Sure enough I'll keep posting more stuff for this movie in the near future.

-Hola Miguel, para esta pelicula no hice nada de color.
Vere si despues de esta serie ongo bocetos que hice para una produccion italiana llamada "Toto Sapore" para la que si diseñe tanto forma como color.
Un saludo

-Thanks C.B.

-Thanks Djordje!

-Gracias Mandralisca, por cierto, cual es la otra pelicula de la que hablas?

-Gracias Roberto. Pues ahora mismo si estamos liados en el estudio, pero siempre queda un momento para pasar por tu interesante blog.
Un saludo navideño

-Merci Edouard! thanks for your visit

-Will, thanks for your comment.
It definitely was a very nice project to work on, I did have a great time with it.

Unknown said...

La otra..... We're Back.

Feliz Navidad

Valentina said...

love these ones here Marcos. forgot to leave my emai you are well.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Igualmente Madralisca (por cierto, aque te refieres cuando dices 'la otra...?'

-Valentina! good hearing from you, I already emailed back.
Please keep in touch.

artist Dejan Ostojic said...

Very strong peaces. Love composition, lighting, actually everything.