Monday, May 17, 2010

Now we are getting serious

Don't we all know how it feels when a secret agent sends us out on a dangerous, undercover, mission? Well, ...we are there with you one hundred percent young lady!! (Go get 'em tiger)


Ashoo said...

Hi marcos ,

Im loving all the posts with the bold blacks used for compositions in comic panels..Very graphic & stylized ..
The comic pages are really wonderful .
Also the loose horse sketches in earlier post were fantastic.
Gr8 stuff!
Also thanks for your appreciation on my blog :)

Unknown said...

Te he descubierto gracias a Patrick Mate.
Prometo volver.

carlos muñoz said...

cada dia flipo mes!! bonissima la composició!

Peter said...

yes, great to see your story continued. I am probably not the only person to ask if this is going to be published in a book once? keep it up and all the best P.


sergio kechu said...

Exlentes las paginas!!
exelente todo!!
me encanta el clima que lograste en la tormenta de los vikingos.

Ya te agrege en mis favoritos.

muchas gracias por el comentario
es un honor para mi recibirlo de un gran artista


Marcos Mateu said...

-Hi Ashoo, and thanks for your visit and comment

-Muchas gracias Kike, siempre bienvenido

-Hola Carlos! moltes gracies per la teva visita i comentari! Ja procur be la composicio, especialment cuan es tracte de que tengui una continiuitat al servei d'una historia! m'encanta el comic i de fet es la meva pasio primera

-Hi Peter, thanks for your comment and, you are definitely not the first one to ask. There is no project to get this one on paper any time soon (although I would love to), I'll say though that I have a book coming out at the end of this summer that will be available in book stores as well as online. I'll have a special post about it in a few weeks when we get a little closer to the release date.

-Muchas gracias Sergio por tu visita y comentario!

Annis Naeem said...

awesome! love it all

Toby Kinread said...

Hi Marcos, you left a comment on my Homework blog for French about a poem I did, Thanks a lot:)
Just thought you would like to know that my main blog for my artwork is here:
Please follow and feel free to comment, Thanks:)

Shuku said...

And my favourite reluctant detective is being conscripted into being a secret agent. Bwahahah! I still love this, even though I've read it before. Can't beat Miss Trouble for getting into the most interesting situations! (She should charge for this sort of thing, she really should. She'd get rich in a hurry!)


Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Annys

-Thanks Toby, I'll visit again!

-Thanks Shuku! she definitely has an eye for getting herself in unexpected trouble :)