Sunday, November 28, 2010


Things one can run into when walking around at night...
Hope everyone is having a great weekend.


A. Riabovitchev said...

I love this characters sketches a lot!

Kendra Melton said...

I'm starting to feel redundant, everything you post is so beautiful and nicely composed.

With the two single figures I especially enjoy the varying types of line and directional marks used to show the differences in their clothing.

As always great work!

Fernando García-Sotoca said...

Bua, es primer és brutal, quina llum i ambientació! Es per un projecte personal??

craig said...

great storytelling in that piece. Love it!

jriggity said...

Looks Awesome man!


Unknown said...

I just received your book "FRAMED INK" in the mail. Absolutely incredible. I cannot wait to read through the beautifully illustrated pages.
Great work!! :D

Anson Jew said...

Great work, as usual! I love the looseness of the sketches on the right. The drawings are barely there and completely there simultaneously, if you know what I mean.

anima-base said...

Marcos, I bought your new book last week. This is really fantastic and inspiring.


Maravilloso, como siempre. Y maravilloso también tu libro, ese tipo de herramientas son tan tan valiosas... gracias!!

azhar said...

Hi Mr marcos..

just found your blog..

a lot i can learn from you, sir.

just a bit question..
all your work done digitally?
what software did you used?

it is all custom ink brush..
love to ink digitally like using real brush effect.

thank you for your time.

lincoln said...

Brilliant gestures and what you do with a calligraphy pen is fact I busted out one this morning and did some life drawing with one...

Xavier Yabut said...

Awesome character sketches.

Gracia said...

Hola!! estos personajes espadachines son geniales!! me encanta tu estilo de trazo!! bss ^_^

Marcos Mateu said...

-Thanks Andrei!

-Thank you so much Kendra, always welcome your visits and comments

-Moltes gracies Fernando. No ho es... al manco de moment :)

-Thank you Craig

-Thanks Justin

-Thank you Tin, let me know what you think when you are done reading it. I hope you find the contents informative

-Thanks Anson, I see what you are saying :)

-Thank you Anima, I appreciate

-Muchas gracias a ti Teresa

-Thanks for the comment Azhar. The piece of the three under the arch is one hundred percent digital, line and color (using photoshop). The one of the 'gentleman' and the pirate is 'sharpie' on the line and digital again for the color.

-Thanks Lincoln!

-Thanks Xavier

-Gracia! muy amable. gracias por la visita y el comentario!

Gentdarmes said...

Hola Marcos

Soc en Rafa, ex-alumne de Palma.
Com va tot? Enhorabona per "Frammer Ink" tenen molt bona pinta les il.lustracións que he pogut veure.
En aquest moments estic realitzant un curs d´animació 2D al Ladat a la UIB molt interesant, he descobert el món de l´animació amb en Miguel Angel Coll, potser tu el coneixes també.
Te escric perque estic interesat en adquirir algun exemplar del teu llibre. Saps si es fara una edició en castellà? Si no, a quín lloc d´internet em recomanaries demanar la edició anglesa?

Moltes graciés i una abraçada,


Marcos Mateu said...

Hola Rafa, com va tot?
Mira, es llibre no crec que surti al manco de moment en castella. Ara mateix el pots conseguir a traves d'Amazon a un preu molt raonable (pots veure els links a Amazon de diferents paisos, aqui, al meu blog (just devall de la portada del llibre).
Gracies, i ja me diras que t'ha parescut!

Per cert, molts records al Miquel Angel

Shuku said...

'...Madam, I assure you, this may look like a glowing fish hook but it is in fact the famed Dagger we've all been searching for.'

'My dear sir, I find myself singularly unimpressed with the object in question...perhaps my friend here will be able to ahh, verify your claim? This dank and musty palace does such terrible things to my dresses. The smell of the sewer never comes out.'

LOVE the book, and love the new banner design!

Marcos Mateu said...

Thanks Shuku!
(some dialogue here :))

lincoln said...

Just ordered Framed Ink! I can't weight for it to arrive!