Friday, December 03, 2010

Near miss

Near misses, how many of these do we have in life?... Hopefully none as dramatic as this one.
I spent quite a bit of time on the detail here, so I include the magnified sections to have the feeling it was actually worth it!
Have a good weekend everyone.


JDCanales said...

Unos dibujos de una fuerza apabullante, Marcos!
Por cierto... ya me ha llegado el Framed Ink vía Amazon!
Y supera mis expectavivas, lo cual es mucho decir... ¡Qué gran libro! Espero que esté yendo muy bien, hasta el punto de animarte a seguir escribiendo sobre el tema ;)
Un abrazo!

paolo_gaspare said...



Mark Kjærgaard said...

this looks so awesome!

Dario T. W. said...

this is DarioTW from Dariusz Caballeros blog, I always love to see great drawings and especially ink drawings, your work is great, estimado Marcos!
By the way from your blog pages I can see some of your horses - very Spanish (Andalusian) and greatly drawn, woudl you consider posting more horse drawings?
- perhaps I need to buy your book 'Framed Ink' :)

the doodlers said...


I like the way you move the tone around- you have a free way with the squared off marks. Too bad this was a unsatisfactory job- the results are stunning.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Muchas gracias Juan!
Por cierto, estuve hablando el otro dia con un fan tuyo en el estudio, tiene el fantastico 'Black sad' recopilacion con las tres historias siempre a mano.
Un abrazo

-Grazie mille Paolo

-Thanks Mark

-Hola Dario, I'm impressed with your interest and fascination for horses! they definitely are one of my most loved (beautiful, strong, elegant and purposeful) animals, which made such a difference in our history as species.
There are by the way a few horse drawings in 'Framed Ink' :)

-Thanks 'Doodlers'! I'll say I was joking in my post. I had a great time doing this drawing, which was no commission but just a piece for my pleasure (lots of work nevertheless)

abhishek singh said...

Awesome Awesome and Awesome:)


To Tito Marcos,

I really like your book and the pictures in your blog. Thanks again for your book. I always read it and show it to my friends. I told them to ask their parents to buy a copy. =)

Dominic Bugatto said...

Nice work as usual.

Fernando García-Sotoca said...

Bones, estic d'acord amb en Canales (un altre crack per cert), a mem si t'animes a continuar fent llibres, ja siguin didactics o comics!

Molt bona aquesta escena!


Marcos Mateu said...

-thanks Abhishek

-thanks Angelo! Great having you visit my blog and great talking to you on the phone the other day. Keep well!

-thank you Dominic

-Fernando, gracies per es teu comentari! Ja hi ha altres idees en ment ja, a veure que pasa... Salutacions

Philippe Gaulier said...

Very nice composition and ink work!

carlos muñoz said...

buuuuuufff ke fuerza!!

rad sechrist said...

Wow, these are cool!