Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lecture and book signing at Art Center (Pasadena)

On April 5th, between 1-2 pm. I'll be at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena for a -lecture and "Framed Ink" book signing- event. So if you would like to attend and have the chance to do so you can also let them know at Design Studio Press's Facebook page.
I hope to see you soon!


Jewelry said...

I just want to let you know that I've been searching a little while and I found your website by chance. Your work looks incredible! I had to tell you!

Jesús Duce said...

¡Vaya lección de perspectivas!


Jewelry said...

Your art is so interesting, that it is a pain to miss the opportunity to visit them!

enaga said...

como siempre, da gusto pasarse por este blog.
anduve por NY hace poco y pude conseguir una copia del Framed Ink,
y la verdad es que es de gran ayuda para los que estamos intentando meter la cabeza en el mundo profesional del cómic y el dibujo en general.

Marcos Mateu said...

-Hi Jewelry, this artwork is not at a show, you'll find it in my book 'Framed Ink'. Thanks

-Muchas gracias Jesus!

-Gracias Alejandro, suerte en tu carrera y espero que disfrutaras del viaje!

Alfred Llupia said...

Marcos,jo no hi sere,pero com que ja tinc una copia fa temps ja el firmaras en persona algun dia.Fantastics dibuixos els darrers posts!Salut.

Marcelo Vignali said...

Congrats on the lecture! I'm sure your fans will swarm you!

C.Deboda said...

I'm a fan. So count me in on the swarming. See you there. :)

Unknown said...

Oh noooo!! I'm gonna miss it :( Why is everything happening right before I go to visit California??

g1toons said...

been a long time since i came here and congrats on the book,

Marcos Mateu said...

-Gracies Alfred, seria fantastic fer una bona paella i parlar i parlar!

-Thanks Moe!

-Cool Chris, I'll see you soon!

-Pues ya sera en otra ocasion. Gracias por la visita y el comentario!

-Thanks Leon

shauky said...

Am loving every frame, every line; everything in your book. Framed Ink and Animators Survival Kit's become two of my favorite books. Thank you so much.