Saturday, March 19, 2011

Venice (+Update)

In these days when following the daily news is upsetting and dramatic, and while just hoping all the best for this planet of ours and all species on it, here come two sketches. One of them after one of my visits to Venice, Italy, a number of years ago.
I hope everyone is fine.
UPDATE: I have just seen online the 'give2asia blog', in which anyone can make a donation that will go a very long way. Please take a moment to visit the site.


Jesús Duce said...

¡Venecia bellísima!
Magníficas ilustraciones, amigo Marcos.

paolo_gaspare said...

The view of Venice is Wonderful!!!


Cristina Insinga said...

Wow! The first table is beautiful! :)

Mo Sweat said...

La ilustración de Venecia es magnífica; con una perspectiva profundamente brutal.


Wendy Pan said...

El sábado, día del Padre, estuve en NormaComics comprando una novela y tuve tu libro en mis manos, y decía él que "me lo prestaba" pero no me atreví, igual no lo devolvía jejeje
A ver si lo traducen y me lo compro ;D
Ese dibujo de Mallorquilandia muy evocador, sí.

Martin Bergquist said...

The Venice image is fantastic. Love the composition and how you using the color to lead the eye. Great work Marcos!

Marcos Mateu said...

-Muchas gracia amigo Jesus

-Thanks Paolo

-Thank KP!

-Muchas gracias Mo, un saludo!

-Hola Susana, un saludo

-Thank you Martin. Venice certainly make things easier when it comes to 'image making' :)

Raul Avila said...

La elegancia del negro.....muy bueno!

Marcos Mateu said...

Muchas gracias Raul. Un saludo