Thursday, August 16, 2012

Medieval Mallorca

It was time for a visit back home already, way due. Anyhow, in the next posts I'll be showing some of the shots I recently took while there with a few notes. I'll say I was very impressed by the city of Palma after so many years. I am not biassed when I say it looked so beautiful (am I? :)), with an old town which contains architecture spanning from medieval to the baroque period, courtyards that remind you of the italian influence in so many of them, and the Mediterranean sea right there with its bright, blue, clear light. I had a great time. Everything in the place includes lots and lots of walking, which means you actually get to see, hear and feel the City and its people all around you, with buildings going back to the 13th, 14th centuries and so on, a great visualization of how the city and its people have evolved through the times, almost like seeing the rings of a tree which trunk has just been cut off. Well, here are some pictures I took of the Cathedral, a catalan gothic style building which I deeply love, svelte and elegant with a spectacular proportion between the width and the hight of its pillars given its narrowness. I still remember when, the fact that it was originally built on a spot that would allow it to be reflected on the Mediterranean, was recuperated in the seventies with the creation of the 'Parc de la Mar' bringing back the ocean right at the foot of Palma's old defensive wall. A fantastic cathedral that plays with the light of the Island in a unique way twice a year as this interesting video shows. Finally, the first shot I posted today is a skyline of the old city with a reference to the monuments and churches I could identify (hopefully they are all accurate!), but then again I'm missing a few ones, anyone can help me with the remaining names...?


Rafa López said...

2- Socors
5- Montision
6- San Cayetano

Marcos Mateu said...

Molt possiblement! Gracies Rafa

Shuku said...

Now you have me wanting - no, NEEDING - to visit Mallorca, Marcos. I must now, just to draw all those lovely places!

Marcos Mateu said...

Hi Shuku, it is a beautiful Island and I'm sure you would love it